Hello Out There!

I guess as my first post I should explain the situation that has led me to be a ‘blogger’ or more accurately, an expat housewife with an abundance of free time which I’ll help fill by blogging.

I knew since my first trip abroad to Paris in 2002 that I would love to live overseas. When it became evident that there were opportunities with my husband’s (E) company, we decided to plan on checking that off our bucket list ASAP. Of course we had an ideal life timeline of when we’d like to move, and where, and what we’d get accomplished before then…which life completely laughed at. As it turns out I had signed up to begin a TEFL/TESOL certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) in October 2013 in preparation for the chance to move abroad. I ended up being laid off in September, a month before starting the course. In November it was determined that I needed shoulder surgery and would be in a sling without the use of one arm until mid-January. I took my time getting my certification and really began looking hard for a job when I was sling free in January.

During this time E saw a promotion posting for the United Kingdom and applied.

Then he had a phone interview where they said it was kind of unlikely they’d move him abroad.

Then they flew him over for a week to meet the team. All while I was quickly moving though the interview process with a few companies myself.

Then of course, the day I get a job offer, so does E.

Without getting into the specifics of our thought process, we decided it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we’re moving to Scotland. I intend to blog about my experience and journeys along the way. Some expat specific, some just general lifestyle about what is important to me. Hope you (who are you I wonder?) enjoy!

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