Love of travel

I definitely owe my love of travel to my father.  In the last 5 years of his life, he repeatedly told me that he only had two regrets.  His first regret was working too much and that was followed up by waiting too long to travel.  I like to think my mission is to live my life without repeating my father’s regrets.

The first time I went abroad was my junior year of high school when my parents took my best friend and I to Paris on spring break. We were supposed to be going to Florida and Disney World, but my father (whom I affectionately call by his first name Ray most times) realized it was almost as expensive as going to Paris. I was actually bummed at first- I wanted a tan. But then I got chastised by nearly everyone I knew and decided that Paris>Florida.  And off we went. And I loved it.  The moment Cola-Light hit my lips, I was in.

In college I knew I wanted to study abroad and did everything in my power to make that possible, which resulted in summer internships, summer school classes, and max credit hours.  Finally the first semester of my senior year I was able to go to Middlesex University, on the furthest stop north of the Piccadilly line outside of London. While there I tried to take advantage of travel and made it to Dublin, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, and the Lake District.

Back in America my boyfriend (now-turned-husband) and I continued to make travel a priority. Hitting up Brussels (thanks to his work), and then Copenhagen and Amsterdam. We were married on October 13, 2012 and then honeymooned in South Africa and the Seychelles islands. And in the 18 months following we hit up The Glatthorn Mountain in Austria, and Cinque Terre and Rome in Italy, and on another trip Paris and Montpellier in France. You get it…I love to travel and thankfully my E does too.

So knowing that E works for an international company, with offices everywhere…we decided we’d pursue a position abroad.  In a dream world, we’d move to Prague or Brussels.  In a dream world we’d be in a different spot (in career, life, and bank accounts) when the opportunity arose.  But as Scotland’s Golden Boy Robert Burns has said… “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley.”  Which basically means plan all you want, but the world doesn’t care.

In recent times E’s company has been less and less likely to approve ex-pat opportunities so when we they agreed, it was a real possibility it’s now or never.  So here we go…moving to Aberdeen, Scotland.  I’m excited to live in a new culture, in a new part of the world, and for the opportunity this relocation gives us to continue our love of travel and explore.



  1. E

    Looks like mission accomplished! You don’t work at all and you travel all the time! Well played Lauren, well played.

  2. Snowden

    Piss on Susan Sontag.


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