Over-thinking It

This post was originally written on June 2, 2014.  Since then, many thoughts, facts and details have changed.  But to keep this authentic to my transition I wanted to post as is.  

E finally has signed his offer letter, which means it’s official I guess.  Well, then I posted it to Facebook, which makes it really official.  Posted to Facebook and emailed House Hunters International….OFFICIAL.

I had 69 facebook likes!  It was an exciting day….full of promise, adventure, and a fairytale life.

Then I woke up the next day.  Stressed about logistics, details, and timelines.  E and I fought about miscommunication and expectations, the moving process, and the rush at which everything will be expected to happen.  He left to Michigan for the next few days for work.  I sat and stewed with my anxiety and let it spiral.  I leapt from stressing over the next 2-3 months of moving and getting settled, to stressing about what I would do when we moved back to the states in the next 2-3 years.

By the time we move, I will just about be at my one year anniversary of unemployment.  The visa I’ll obtain doesn’t give me permission to work in the UK.  I tried everything to change this or find a way around it.  My father obtained his Irish citizenship through the grandfather clause years ago…but there is no great grandfather clause for me…and because he obtained his citizenship after I was born, I can’t get citizenship through him.  Polish citizenship (My mother is 100%) is a nightmare of it’s own.  Unless a company wants so sponsor me for employment (which involves them funding a new visa and is very expensive, as well as they need to prove that they can’t find anyone that has citizenship to fill the position) I can’t work.

It’s funny that I thought I would outsmart this situation and get my TEFL/TESOL certificate.  Who would’ve thought we’d be relocating to a native English-speaking country…

So when we move back to the US- I’ll be four years unemployed.  Where do I even go from there?  What happened to career-driven Lauren?  Should I even care?

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  1. Jane O'Connor-Chapman

    Loving your blog….We moved to Aberdeen in April 2013 from Australia and my Aussie nursing qualification is defunct in the UK. My husband is a contractor in the oil industry (IT Project Manager) and so I am enjoying being on permanent vacation! Have seen many new countries and so far Iceland is my favourite. I highly recommend Iceland. So beautiful. We rent a cottage in the wood’s, 45 minutes outside of the city and it is serene yet we are craving city life. We move to our new rental apartment in 2 weeks, right in the heart of Aberdeen and I am so excited I could burst!

    Take care..

    Jane x


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