We have arrived

It was a long day but we made it!  All 5 suitcases, 2 laptops, and a dog.

Not a light load.

Not a light load.

The issue with the ‘Deen is there are no direct flights from the US.  You’ll either have a layover in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, or London.  But since we needed to fly an American-owned/operated airline, we went direct from O’hare to Edinburgh.  From there, it’s a relatively easy two hour drive up to Aberdeen.  I think if possible, this might be the easiest way to go…and the shortest.  But cost plays into it as well.  But if I’m traveling home for Christmas with Stella I intend to take the train from Aberdeen to Edinburgh and fly out with United airlines again.  Not the best food and 0 free wine/booze, but not too bad of an upgrade cost of economy plus, new planes, and good entertainment options.

We are now in corporate housing.  We did get upgraded from the 1 bedroom we were supposed to have to a pretty massive 2 bedroom, 2 bath, with an office and wrap around balcony.  But while I initially thought I wouldn’t mind staying in corporate housing…I’m already itching to move into our house.  It’s not as cozy or plush as I was hoping.  And besides, I’d like to create a sense of normalcy for me and Stella.  I’m going to be kind to myself Thurs-Sunday and let myself adjust, but starting on Monday I will try and tackle getting into a routine.   And the weird little religious figures all over this place are kinda creeping me out.  That and the odd smell…not exactly bad, but not good.  Like your grandma’s house or something.

And hurrah!  Just found out our air shipment should reach customs a week from today.  Crossing my fingers tha. get it by Friday next week.  I’m going crazy not remembering even what I packed or where…but I know a) I’m missing some clothes, technical equipment I am hoping is in an air shipment,  b) my foam roller is in there and my body is tiiiiiiight, and c) could use that Lost DVD box set because…well, I can’t handle this BBC right now.

And ummm what’s Sunkist Jelly?  From L’Oreal?  Some type of hair product I presume but I haven’t been advised to put Jelly in my hair before so I’m not sure.

Anyway…Thursday and Friday’s goals:

  • Get a UK sim card and phone number
  • Get a blow dryer (perhaps more important that a phone number)
  • Find coffee and explore the immediate area
  • Grocery shop


  1. Mallory

    YAY! I am sooooo glad that you all made it — especially Stella! I was worrying about it all day 🙂 Can’t wait to see more photos!

  2. karl

    That dog looks like it needs a little scotch.

  3. Nate

    Hip Hop Hooray!! Happy u made it…no free wine/booze? WTF? 🙂 Enjoy the journey

  4. Karen

    Did Stella fly via United into Edinburgh? My husband and I are about to go through the same thing, we’re relocating from Detroit to the Dumfries area with cats. I’ve been trying to find an airline that will cargo the cats and I think Chicago may be our closest but many of them only seemed to go to London.

    1. Lauren (Post author)

      Hi– yes! We flew direct from Chicago to Edinburgh with United. In my opinion, it was the best option. The flight’s just about 7 hours if you catch a good wind and Edinburgh airport is so much smaller and less chaotic than Heathrow…then you just have a 2 hour drive through country more-or-less. It was a little difficult because we were so tired, but I would do that way again. Everything else we looked at had a layover in London and then connected to Aberdeen- and it really ended up being an additional 4-8 hours because you need to pad in enough time for your pet to clear customs in London to then make it onto the other flight, it just seemed too stressful.


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