Lap around the block

Blergh– I am so out of shape!  The sign-up date for Marathon de Paris is looming in the next month and a half and I would like to comfortably be running 5 miles by then.

I ran 2.5 miles (baby steps people) and unfortunately, I have to admit I stopped for a breather a couple times.  I’m trying not to get down on myself.  I am, after all, extremely out of shape, have too much weight on my bones, and Scotland is hilly as shit.  I mean, really compared to Chicago, it’s like I’m running Denali over here.  And the hills tend to force my knee to act up (previously dislocated patella/MCL issues).  And waaaah.  But it’s done so I’m going to be happy.

At this moment I only have two pairs of workout pants so that is limiting me to every-other day workouts…which is fine by me.  Though I do hope that when the air shipment arrives, I did pack more workout clothes in it….but I’m really fearing I didn’t.  I have no clue with my thought process was when packing the air shipment, but I’ll tell you…it was stupid.  I am additionally trying really hard to get my minimum of 10K steps each day (go Fitbit flex!) so while that doesn’t help my aerobic health, it at least keeps me moving, eating less, and burning more.

I am going to leave this post with this thought going through my head:

That's me!

That’s me!

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