My Fitbit Flex

My everyday accessory

My everyday accessory

I’m super lucky to have a second family (in addition to my real birth family that I adore) that loves me and has “adopted” me as-if I was their own.  It began with my best friend and it extended through her sister, her parents, some half-siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Literally this clan had almost as many family members at my wedding as my family did!  And because they are super great and knew I had expressed some interest in a Fitbit, they got me one as a going away present.   And I thought as I focus more on getting back in shape and am talking about my life, I should include some sort of Fitbit review, since it’s definitely part of my everyday life.

The first week I had/wore the Fitbit I was still in Chicago, packing up, running errands, and seeing friends.  I was absolutely killing the 10K goal, and admittedly, not even working out.  Then I moved to Indiana for a week and all of a sudden, holy cow was it hard to get those steps.  I had nights when I looked down and had less than 5,000 steps and it was 8pm!  One night close to 11pm I was so disgusted by how little I had moved in a day that I spent 40 minutes just walking our small cul-de-sac (my parent’s neighborhood is too dark to walk at night.)  Then of course the day we flew out, the next day of hard-core jet lag…it wasn’t looking pretty.

So I decided that I had to really make it a priority to hit my 10K steps every day.  And I’m happy to say that for over 2 full weeks I have!  And last night, I even had hit over 100K steps for the last 7 days.  Some of the first days I hit 10K by taking long walks with Stella-dog.  Now that I’m running and going back to the gym, I’m getting those steps a lot easier.

But a big factor (that I totally get) is that I’m a housewife.  Time is on my side and I don’t really have a strong excuse not to.  But I think it can be universally said that it still takes time and effort for anyone to get those steps in.  I think the only kinds of people who get these steps without much effort either work a job where they are on their feet and walking the whole time or a person who lives in a city, without a car, that either walks to and from work or is at least walking to public transit.  You can’t just get these steps in a driving community and an office job.   And maybe 10K is unrealistic for your life…maybe get a Fitbit or some other pedometer device and see what you do in a typical day, and set a different goal where you still have to push yourself to meet it.

I like the Fitbit Flex because it’s light, it syncs with Bluetooth with your phone (don’t have your phone? No worries, you still get alerted when you hit your goal and can see the percentage of your goal that you’ve completed without your phone), the battery last 5 days or so, it’s easy to charge, you can connect with friends, set silent alarms, track your sleep, and connect with friends.  Overall it’s just super user-friendly and gives me everything I need.  And no, Fitbit didn’t hook me up in any way, shape or form…but if they’d like to, I’m open!tory burch fitbit

And the last reason I’m psyched about the Fitbit Flex?  They just partnered with Tory Burch!  Which, in the real world, is my favorite designer. (I like to think I dress pretty east-coast equestrian-prep…so Ms. Burch and Burberry are my favs, in fantasy land I’m all over Givenchy, Elie Saab, De La Renta…ya know, tots norm.)  Right now there is a gold-toned necklace and bracelet for your Fitbit Flex when you need to dress it up a little, as well as some patterned silicone bracelets that are a little more fun than the ones Fitbit has been offering.  I love gold jewelry so I am beyond stoked for this bracelet, but I also hope this partnership continues with more options.  My bracelet is already (back) ordered and I won’t be receiving it until I come back stateside for Christmas (unless my mother is kind enough to ship it my way), but I’m excited!

What annoys me about my Fitbit Flex?  Spinning/cycling! It doesn’t register anything after my hour-long spin class.  You can enter your activity into your account…but it doesn’t make your step count increase any.  And since I want to hit that 10K, I felt I had to do extra work getting in my steps for the day because spinning wasn’t taken into consideration as steps.  Additionally, I’m not sure about what it tracks when lifting/in a class.  I did Body Pump and I’m assuming it registered every lift (as my arms moved) as a step….I don’t mind this as much because I figure one lift is harder than one step so if it’s registering, it’s kind of fair.  But the spinning thing…not fair.

Fitbit Flex Dashboard

Fitbit Flex Dashboard

Do you have a Fitbit or other step-tracking device?  Do you stick to your goals?

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