Would you like a little cream with that?

Um, why yes, yes I would.

Coffee hasn’t always been my thing, so I haven’t had the stress of ordering a delicious cup of Joe in every country I’ve been.  But now, coffee is a necessity and I have to figure this bit out.  When it comes to ordering, I know in France to order a Café Crème…large cup of coffee with hot cream.  I also know that in most other parts of the world Lattes and Café au Laits are my safe bets.  My husband, being the minimalist he is, just orders black coffee or those adorable teensy tiny cappuccinos.

But now the issue comes when I have permanently resided in a foreign land and need to MAKE my own coffee.  In the UK they have all those adorable little electric kettles that heat up in a jiff.  They’ll be my best friend for tea (crap, I also shipped my little read tea pot over here…I guess that will just be for show?) and while in corporate housing- for instant coffee until I figure out my single-cup coffee options.

So I bought some instant coffee and I found something that looks like it will be a good substitute for Equal until my sea shipment comes.  Because, you know, I shipped about 800 equal packets over to make my transition easy…and not to mention, no matter what it is…it’s cheaper by about 50% in the US.  So, ya might at well ship what you can.

Anyway…then I tried to find cream.  Not by the milk, not by the cheese, not by the butter, not by the yogurt (which is spelled yoghurt here).  I finally stumble upon an end cap with ‘cream’.  This cream is not in cartons, but rather containers like sour cream.  (Crap is there even sour cream or ricotta cheese here? Ugh.) I grab a container that I would assume to be flavored creamer: Madagascan Vanilla Cream.  Sounds pretty good, right?  Only to feel the weight of it, and decide it is a solid…or more like yoghurt.  I pick up a double cream…also solid. I am going through the entire cream section shaking every container trying to find liquid cream.   I start examining these thick creams intently to find they have a little spoon logo and something about adding a dash or a dollop.  I continue my search and finally come across Scottish Single Cream…which clearly says you may add a “splash” NOT a dash, not a dollop.  Success!  It’s still in a container and not a carton, but it will have to do for the time being.

Coffee AND cream

I was a little frightened this morning when I gave it a go.  But, I have to say, instant coffee or not…I think I made a pretty damn good cup of Joe this morning.


  1. mom

    I bet your photography teacher would love to see how far afield you”ve come.Loved the composition of the coffee fixings…especially your reflection in the kettle.

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