Paris Marathon 2015


Being a “trailing spouse” (man, I can’t stop detesting that title) in my case is an open door to explore myself.  Call it a quarter-life crisis.  Clearly, it’s a great opportunity for anyone.  But I think it was desperately needed for me.  I had been laid off the year prior, my father passed away, I was (am?) unhappy with my career, my life, my self.  This was a fresh start and a unique opportunity that I am not letting pass by.  Beyond my plan of just living life to the fullest and traveling my face off…I have some specific goals, specific experiences I want to have.  I definitely want to get back into a healthier lifestyle, make meditation a priority, make new friends, learn to sew, learn to speak a little French, learn to golf, and ride horses.  And, of course, run a marathon.  That’s just my immediate list… and you have no idea how antsy I am to move into our real house and set up life and get into a routine.   I got to get moving on this list!

So I have wanted to run a marathon for the last 6 years or so, throughout all the ups and downs and love and hate of my relationship with running.  As you may have seen (here), I ran my first race in two year  a couple weeks ago and it kind of finalized the thought that I just have to sign up and get it done.

So this morning I spent an agonizing hour with 2 computers and 3 web browsers at 7 am (not early, but early after staying up until 2 am on the phone with the states!) trying to get my registration to go through.  It finally went through on one browser (should be noted it was not on a mac and was the 2nd browser I tried to register on about 10 minutes after my first attempt started- so clearly no proper waiting queue to access) and I’m officially registered to run my first marathon in the first city I traveled abroad to (and one of my favorite cities), the Paris Marathon 2015!


I actually am friends with A LOT of marathon runners, past and current.  So I feel good that I will have a sounding board and people to give some advice.  I’m going to jump all over the cliché and find a good motivating book to read about the experience.  I definitely won’t be easy for me, but I am hoping to enjoy the process.  I want to be part of the 1% of people that have run a marathon!  My brother would say, that same 1% is the dumbest 1% of the population… 🙂

I’ll officially start Hal Higdon’s novice training program in December and between now and then I definitely have a lot of work to put in.  I’ll need to start running at least 3x a week, lifting, and getting back up to a 8 mile distance.  Which normally doesn’t sound so daunting…but these hills…these damn Scottish hills.  The only thing I like about it is Paris is relatively flat…so in comparison, race day should feel a bit easier.  And the weather is bound to be better than of my half marathons in Chicago.

My best racing shape, in the worst of Chicago weather.

My best running shape, in the worst of Chicago weather.

I also realize I should probably focus on the learning French bit to avoid some confusion surround the race….but my desire to sew is a little stronger at this moment.  We’ll see what time allows, for now it’s all about Paris Marathon 2015….

Any first time marathoners running Paris?  Any advice from experienced runners?  Would love great book recommendations!



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