Product Review: Nathan 5k Belt

Since I got a new iPhone for the UK AND I’m starting-to-think-about-maybe-running more, I needed to explore my option of carrying my phone with me.  In the past, I’ve used arm bands, but was never happy with them.  At first when I just ran with an iPod mini- it wasn’t too bad.  But the iPods got bigger and then the iPhone is EVEN bigger, and my arms have never been what one would call muscular, and no matter how tight you make the strap it seems the armband is always slipping down… I just can’t entertain that on a long run.  In the past 3 years or so I’ve acquired a pretty good stock of running bottoms with large side pockets on them.  I have both long tights and capris/crops- I think 2 pairs of the former and 3 pairs for the latter.  All from Lululemon.  It’s really an ingenius design.  The phone fits perfectly in the pocket on the ole saddlebag

But what about the when I’m lacking any clean pair of side pocket pants? (And the fact Lulu currently doesn’t have any side-pocket spandex for sale!)  It was time to step up to the fanny-pack game.  Except don’t call it a fanny-pack in the UK.  Fanny means the opposite of what it does in the states here: it’s a lady’s peek-a-choo.  So, I guess I stepped up to the “hip-pack” game in the UK.

I did a lot of research online.  And despite that I knew people with the Flip Belt (that spoke highly of them) AND the Spibelt that spoke highly of them, I went rouge.  The reviews led me to believe I had found the ideal hip-pack.  And I could hardly contain my excitement when my Nathan 5K Belt came in.  But that excitement was pretty short lived.


I’ve only run with the 5K belt 3 times and that’s as many times as I will run with it.  It will not stay around my hips and that’s where I desire it to stay.  Within half a block, its up around my waist.  I tried it with 3 different pairs of pants and the result is the same.  The last pair I tried even had waxy-like gummies on the side that are meant to ensure your shirt doesn’t ride up.  I thought for sure these would help keep the 5K belt down there’s just not saving this hip-pack.

But, there are some good points about the 5K belt.  The size is the first good thing  It has a smaller outer mesh pocket and a large main pocket.  The large main pocket holds an iPhone easily.  Actually I can hold an iPhone, set of keys, bunch of dog treats, poo bags, gum, chapstick…I’m sure I could fit more.

So I have continued to use this pack for hiking.  I mean, I don’t have a ton of options actually because all of our backpacks are in the missing sea shipment.  It does continue to ride up while hiking but at a much slower pace, so I find it more manageable.  But the zipper gets stuck every 5-or-so zips, so that’s pretty frustrating.  But I guess it gets the job done when you don’t have pockets, only have a few items to carry, and don’t want a big bag.


Pros: Size and shape can hold a great deal without being too bulky.  Doesn’t bounce on/off the body when moving. Decent reflective markings.

Cons: Zipper constantly gets stuck!  Pack moves up within moments of running and seems it won’ stop until under your armpits.

Overall rating: C

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