Whirlwind Week Home

A flyby of my week home, as much as it can be.  It was anything but peaceful but I did get a lot done, and more importantly was able to see pretty much all of my family and friends.

  • Friday: Slept pretty late and then had loads of errands to do (Target, Barnes and Noble, Bike Shop, JC Penny).  I was prepping for SIL’s (Amy) baby shower (returns and picking up some more gifts), getting gifts for my BFF’s (Heavy) new little girl, and basking in all that is American shopping.  Like basking with a cookies n’ cream milkshake while strolling through Walmart on a Friday night in the Midwest.  Oh it was glooooorious.
  • Saturday: Had the SIL’s baby shower then afterwards headed over to her (and my brother’s) house for chili and the Penn State Football game.IMG_0076 IMG_0087
  • Sunday: Breakfast with BFF’s family. And then my mom and I took a walk with the dog to have some tea at the neighbors.  Then I think my mom and I watched a movie that night and had leftovers.
  • Monday: I hung around the house most of the day and then headed to my MIL’s. I of course wanted to see her, but I also found E’s lost sunglasses- a very big deal since we knew they hadn’t made it to the UK.  And E typically can’t have nice things because he destroys and/or loses them.  So now that they’re found, he gets one more notch in the responsibility board.  Got home and had taco salad.  Can you tell I demanded a certain menu when I was home?  My momma is the best.
  • Tuesday: I drove out to Palos Park to get my hair colored.  Girls got needs.  Once out there I swung by Trader Joes to pick up all my favorites, Dick’s Sporting goods to return some things I had ordered, the Loft to return an amazing coat that was unfortunately too small, and Gap to return some pants.  I came home and my brother and SIL came over and we played with dogs, had some proper gin n tonics with lime and loads of ice, and ate stuffed pasta shells- my absolute favorite growing up.
  • Wednesday: Went to Fort Wayne to see my best friend and her new baby girl!  I even held said baby girl!  This is a big deal if you don’t know me.  Bonus: Ate Culver’s Pumpkin Carmel ice cream!
    Baby girl C!

    Baby girl C!


  • Thursday: Packing up for Chicago, receive my Rent The Runway dress (review to come), dinner with my mum & mother-in-law.  Had an amazing burger at Stack’s in Valparaiso.  God, I miss the food already.
  • Friday: Head to Chicago on the train, get nails done, eyebrows waxed, stop into Lululemon of course where I am super sad they don’t have either pair of pants I wanted- but I got a killer jacket to make up for that, IMG_0116Barbour to switch out E’s coat for a new one after it was damaged…and to further examine the Beadnell jacket, Nordstrom, and briefly take in a WWI art exhibit at Newberry Library.  Afterward, had a late lunch with my mom then headed to the hotel.  The entire week my uncle had been calling my mom to keep her abreast of the wedding plans and besides me trying to be quiet in the background, my mother had to also make sure she didn’t slip and say anything about me being in town.  I was pretty convinced that my uncle knew because a month prior she referenced me needing a dress.  So when it was time to go down to the lobby Friday night, I had my mom go down alone to squash any thoughts I was there.  About 20 minutes later I came down and my goddaughter (his daughter) saw me first as I got off the elevator.  Someone should have recorded it- it was movie perfect.  The running through the lobby ending with a flying leap into my arms.  Then my Uncle figured out what was going on and then everyone cried and hug.  It turned out pretty perfectly in my head- he had no idea I flew home.  We had dinner and drinks at the hotel and got to meet everyone.  And then…naturally, I went out with Megan until way too late in the morning.
  • Saturday: Glorious Chicago run (as in the day (at the time) was glorious and sunny… I on the other hand was hot and dying and tired and barely moving).  Went speed-shopping to find shoes for my goddaughter for the evening.  Had lunch with my brother from the east coast, his girlfriend, my mother and goddaughter.  Then headed to the wedding.  Due to the rain that came through, the outdoor ceremony was cancelled and pictures were held in the hotel lobby.  Then we all boarded a bus to Frontera Grill where the ceremony and dinner was held upstairs at the Library.  Greeted immediately with guac and margaritas before starting the 4-course meal of all Mr. Bayless’s bests.  Everything was being made in the kitchen behind our tables and the whole process was pretty incredible.  The ceremony was held right there, and given that it was a small space and a small group, it was quite intimate…and quick!  Which is how I prefer my weddings.  God, do I hate a Catholic ceremony…Anyway, our table was pretty amazing too and despite drinking too much, it was a great night with family and new friends.

IMG_0137 IMG_0136 IMG_0154 IMG_0141














  • Sunday: MASSIVE American brunch with another good (and pregnant) friend, Tricia.  We basically ordered everything possible. At least she had an excuse… I missed the picture of the amazing bloody mary bar at Bub City!  But if you’re in Chicago…definitely do yourself the favor and brunch at Bub City and get a bloody mary!  I then headed to my old high rise to see an old neighbor briefly, then made it to the train back to Indiana where I promptly collapsed.IMG_0157


    Oh, Bub City brunch!

  • Monday: Final errands picking up prescriptions and pictures at Walgreens, packed up my overstuffed suitcases, went for a quick massage- obviously.  Just kidding, my shoulder was really killing me and I needed something before the flight.  Then my mother prepared yet another favorite childhood dish: tuna casserole dinner!  I then got on the last bus to the airport and started my journey back to Scotland.

You can see why I think I need to up from 2 weeks home for Christmas to 2 ½.  I’ll be doing the same errands (if not more for Christmas), I need my teeth cleaned, probably an extra appointment of dental work, Stella-dog needs a dental consultation and then a teeth cleaning, and I’ll have a brand new nephew! And the whole Christmas thing and all the family that goes along with that.


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  2. Lynda

    So happy I got to hang with you!! It was our first one on one bonding!!!


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