I got inspiralized!

One of my (many) purchases before I left America was a Spiralizer.  Okay, it’s actually called a Spiral Vegetable Slicer…but I heard of it from Alissandra, well not her personally, but her amazing blog Inspiralized.  Girl is legit.  I have been chomping at the bit to try out the spiralizer and finally got to this week.  And now I’m too excited about it to not write about it the day after I used it.

I didn’t look far from the homepage for a recipe I wanted to try.  I went with Asian Peanut Zucchini Noodles with Chicken. And it was delicious.  I absentmindedly thought I had all my oils and glass bottles from Chicago…which I did not.  So I had to make due with Frank’s Hot Sauce instead of sriracha and olive oil instead of sesame oil.  I also cut the chicken into bite-size chunks instead of strips…because if given the choice, I always prefer bite-size chunks.  And added sesame seeds.  Who doesn’t love a sprinkle of sesame seeds?! The only other difference was I think I cooked the zucchini a little bit more than Alissandra does.  They were still crunchy, but I’m not a fan of anything really al dente so I went with what I like.  I also doubled the recipe because I have a man to feed…and I like leftovers.  Which I had for lunch and am probably going to have again for dinner.  (I didn’t want to cook again and have leftovers to go bad over the weekend while we’re in Glencoe.)

zuch noodles

I can’t wait to try more recipes…and it seems I need a food processor to make her Inspiralized rice and risotto.  Just want I need…another kitchen item I have no space for!  The only bad thing is…I don’t think the recipes are enough to sustain E. Last night I picked up some rice that he supplemented into his zucchini noodles.  Boy needs some carbs.  But hey, as long as I’m not eating them…it’s a good thing.  I can throw him some rice or bread on these nights.  Everybody wins!  Because I was totally full and happy with this healthy dinner.

I also wanted to do a review of the spiralizer itself. I can’t believe how easy it is…how easy it is to use, how easy it is to clean, how little space it actually takes up, and how they thought of everything including self-contained storage for the extra blades! It’s $36…you’d be a fool not to get it! I hope in the very near future to be posting more recipe reviews, adaptations, new recipes, and ideas with the spiralizer.

The Inspiralizer!

The Inspiralizer!

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