IKEA, my old friend

Big news: Flights are booked to go home (in this case, the home I grew up in) for Christmas! I love, love, looooove Christmas…and I’ve never missed a Christmas with my family. And I’m not starting now. And, the best part, I’ll be home (in this case, Scotland is home) for New Years Eve and the Hogmanay celebration in Stonehaven.

But speaking of “home”… this place is shaping up to be like home. Okay, not the most desirable home…but home.

The biggest issue in the home is storage. This is because this was the one room in my old place that I didn’t really go through at all.  The packers/movers came and I was like go nuts.  I was a lazy expat.  I did take out a few pans, my Vitamix, my american crock-pot, immersion blender, toaster-oven, things with plugs….  But as far as dishes, utensils, bakeware…it all came with little or no thought.  Whoops.  Lessons learned…

We had to get a little creative and take a run to IKEA, and it’s a little chaotic…but we’re making it work. The first issue we discovered pretty early on…the fact that our main dinner plates don’t fit in our cabinets. The cabinets aren’t deep enough or the plates are too big. The positive side, we gained a few spots for actual food storage. The negative, we now display all of our dishes in these exceptional china cabinets that came with out partially furnished house.IMG_0205

Not my ideal…especially because there’s no good spot for them. Somehow, the back wall of our house is perfectly curved. And on the other side of that wall is the fence separating our property…so somehow they drew this property curved. How does that even make sense?


Our house on the right, the wall to the other house on the left.

Then we have what I could fit into the pot & pan cabinet…


But that leaves a massive Dutch oven and a crock-pot with no home. IKEA to the rescue!


It’s a bit crowded in the open room that sits our kitchen, then dining room, then living room. I think we’ll keep two of the dining room chairs in another room unless we have guests for dinner. Gives us a little more space. The rest of the cabinet has the overflow of pots, the spiralizer (post to come later!), mandolin slicer, extra tupperware, etc. I do NOT have a problem filling cabinets here.

I also only had 3 drawers in the current kitchen. A big issue for a utensil hoarder like myself. But with my extra skinny fridge (this is the only time I will be remotely positive about my refrigerator) we were able to slide in some more drawers next to it. We’re actually able to have a drawer just for granola/energy/protein bars! Hootie hoo!! Stella’s stuff (that spilled over from the Stella cabinet shelf) also gets a drawer, and then miscellaneous kitchen items and utensils are also housed.


IKEA items that weren’t mentioned: a clothes rack (in lieu of a closet in the 2nd bedroom) and a coat rack.  Oh, and Christmas lights.  Really cute Christmas lights.  I couldn’t help it…they were on display!

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