Know Your Scottish

Happy Friday!  I thought I’d do a short post on the Scottish words I’ve encountered the most significantly thus far.  Some of them are easy to deduce, but it’s more so the fact that if you don’t say it the Scottish way, they can’t comprehend what you’re saying.

Fit like/ye : How are you doing?

Coriander : Cilantroimgres

Courgette : Zucchini

Aubergine : Eggplant

Fortnight : 2 Weeks

Lorry : Truck

Rubbish : Trash

Trolly : Shopping Cart

Sat Nav : GPS

Butty : Sandwich

Sitty : Sofa

Telly : TV

Caravan Park : Trailer Park

Boot : Trunk

Hoover : Vacuum

Jacket : Baked Potato

Haar – Fog

Mince – Ground Meat

Rashers – Bacon

Saloon – Four Door Car

Collect – Pick Up (pizza or dry cleaning…it really seems “pick up” is not understood}

Take away – Carry Out

Treacle – Molasses

Zebra – crosswalk

4×4 : SUV

Content Insurance : Renter’s Insurance

Bicarbonate of Soda : Baking Soda

Bread Flour : Strong Flour

Icing Sugar : Powdered Sugar



  1. Tricia

    I’d like some context. Do you say… I’d like to order a pizza for collect? I spilled pizza sauce on the sitty.

    1. Lauren (Post author)

      Pretty exact there T$. You order a pizza for collection…not for pick up. Pick up seems to be lost in translation and they have seemingly no idea what you want with a pizza. Same when you get there- you say, “I’m here to collect my pizza”…if you’re there to “pick-up” your pizza, there are some blank stares. And yes, pizza sauce on the sitty, or I was just on the sitty watching some telly. They make it all cutesie.

  2. Amelie

    I think the words are not particularly scottish but british. 🙂
    I’ve never heard sitty… sounds nice though!

    I’ve got some more for you

    lounge = family room.
    bin = trash can
    aluminium = aluminum

    Can’t think of any more now. 🙂

    1. Lauren (Post author)

      Oh man, I just had a good one yesterday….and now it has slipped my mind! But yeah…definitely British. Oh and kit…for sporting/workout clothes- i kinda love that one!


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