I like to move it, move it.

Not so much…

I really hate moving.  So much so that I am even crying about moving from our temp housing into our real house.  Not really crying, but whining and dreading it.  But… moving into our real house means our stuff came!  Hurrah!

IMG_0186 IMG_0190
















It actually came a week ago Wednesday.  Luckily we’ve been able to take our time unpacking and still sleeping in our temp housing, but that ends in the next day.  We’ve come a long, long way and the place is definitely livable.

Lets go back to that wonderful day when the movers arrived.  I had slept 10 hours but was still exhausted from traveling back from the states.  And E was in the Netherlands for work.  Yay!  Okay, not ideal timing but it all went pretty smoothly.  I didn’t know to bring my own inventory list, and there list had half the numbers cut off, so my man-made list ended up looking something like this:


It wasn’t until last evening when we actually went through and checked the numbers.  Somehow there were two numbers I wrote down twice, and 2 numbers that weren’t on the list…but I think we have everything.

There weren’t very many big pieces to move.  Our place with partially furnished.  So there was one big dresser to move upstairs, but the legs came off so that wasn’t a big deal.  The guest bed that went upstairs was a full size, so that wasn’t that difficult.  The big difficulty was the big, Americaner, king-size mattress. Luckily the box spring is made up of 2 twin size sections.  Pretty sure if we just had one large box spring it wouldn’t have made it.  There was so much bending and folding going on with the mattress… we had to take all the paintings and sconce off the wall, and it required all 8 hands on deck.  THANKFULLY, a friend came to help with it all and I’m so glad she did!  I don’t think that mattress would have made it up without her, not to mention she unpacked over a handful of boxes for me.  Our moving company can unpack things…but I don’t really like that.  I don’t know if that’s normal?  But everything is mishmash packed, and then it will all be out of boxes and just setting everything all over.  It’d be a mess.  And I like the least amount of people going through the least amount of my things.


Limited damage on our items, so that’s always great.  One broken frame and a slightly scuffed/damage coffee table.  We’ll file the damage reports and hopefully that goes smoothly.IMG_0192

Now, just figuring out where to put everything.  To be continued…



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