Or not truckin’ at all. Oh how I miss E’s old work truck. Big blue! Even though she was a pain in the ass living in downtown Chicago and cost about $300 a month to park…I love me a big truck!IMG_2986

No trucks here.  Well, maybe an occasional random Mitsubishi truck or some super random truck of that nature…

But, lucky for us, E’s company still provides a company car. Long story short, we get a monthly allowance for a car lease, that we can pocket or use through their leasing partners. We chose to use. So we got to pick our car and it’s made custom from the manufacturer for us with all our specifications. Unfortunately, having a car custom made takes some time, about 12 weeks time, so we won’t get that car until December 5. Until then, we have a rental car. Right now, she’s a Hyndai i40 fully loaded…so not bad. Previously we have a VW Passat- not loaded and we kinda hated her. We’re turning in the i40 this weekend so we’ll have yet another new rental next week.

But I also need a car. People might tell you that Aberdeen is a city in which you don’t need a car. That is bullshit. You need a car. You need two cars if you have two people in your household. I guess if I wanted to waste my life and drive E to work everyday and pick him up everyday we could deal with 1 car….but I am not that wife. Sorry…not sorry.  Although I did drop him off a few days to take the car…and made him take the bus home. Anyway, the criteria for my car was simple.

  • Not too big
    • Streets here are narrow, I’m bound to take off side mirrors and get scratches.
    • Gas is really, freaking expensive. Bigger cars use more gas.
    • Your yearly car tax is dependent on your cars efficiency. Bigger cars are less efficient.
  • Not too small
    • I have to fit my golf clubs, groceries and a dog.
    • E has to fit because he’ll drive this car when I want the other car.
  • Cheap/Used
    • Wanted to pay cash.
    • Only here 2 years and don’t want to deal with trying to sell it expecting a lot of money.
    • This car won’t be used to leave the 10 mile downtown Aberdeen radius, so what do I care.
  • Good condition
    • Not too old.
    • Not too many miles.
    • I didn’t want to worry about putting money into this car.

What I discovered in the couple months I had been here without a car is that EVERYONE has a Vauxhall Astra. Like, its seriously 1/10th of total cars on the roads in Aberdeen. So ubiquitous it’s funny. So when I saw one for sale that was on the way to Edinburgh (ie Ikea) and cheap…I jumped all over it. Meet Alice. My Sweet little euro-hatchback.IMG_0257 IMG_0256IMG_0258






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