My Fitbit is back!

And so am I! Well, not completely…but after 3 miserable days and now 4 slightly better than miserable days, I am able to stop self-medicating myself with hydrocodone daily. Speaking of self-medicating…I know the infection isn’t gone. How do I know this? First, my mouth still hurts. Second, I had this exact issue in the past year on close to the same tooth on the other side of my mouth…it took over 2 weeks of antibiotics. The 5 days I got isn’t going to cut it. So I call and ask for another 5 days…and of course…I get denied. Nope. I have to come in for more x-rays to determine if they are necessary. Holy shit. It’s freaking amoxicillin. So stupid. But now I have a new 5 day prescription of Metronidazole…where you’re not allowed to drink for the duration AND 2 days after. Great….right when I’m headed to London where I can actually get a good martini. I keep reading reviews about if I REALLY can’t drink on this… apparently in 2003 a study came out with Finnish dudes that said they didn’t get sick while drinking with it. But there is a slight chance…we’ll see if I risk it this weekend.

image1My mother sent me my new Fitbit (after my Fitbit fell off somewhere between O’hare and my parent’s house, I contacted Fitbit and explained the situation. They agreed to send me a new one free as a goodwill step since most likely their clasp was defective. I did have to show them the orig receipt which was hard since it was a gift and my friend had to track it down through her Target credit card…still super great customer service!) and even though it took about a month to arrive, I finally got it. And have been doing about 15k steps per day! I will say not only did it cost my mom about $50 to have the package insured and sent here…but then they made me pay £20 in VAT to get my package. So we basically spent $75 to send a $100 thing. And $75 for a package that had to weigh under 4 lbs. Where as we can pay $100 every time some comes to visit us for an extra bag…and have 50 pounds worth of things. Mistakes were certainly made.

Anyway….after 5 full days off of working out…I came back to it on Sunday. Ran 3 miles Sunday, 4 miles Monday, 3 miles Tuesday (and lifted). So I’m back to stressing about marathoning. I won’t go into the stress I’m already thinking about for my next marathon (I know…I have yet to accomplish 1 marathon but I find a way to stress about maybe doing London next year…kind of impressive, no?).  I stress about all things I need to stock up on when I’m home for Christmas (nutrition, gu, chafing gel, socks, singlets, arm warmers, shoes, hydration options…EVERYTHING!), I stress about finding a group to run with, I stress about nutrition while training, I stress about even finishing the marathon, and now I’m stressing about lack of vacations. I know, priorities right?

Hear me out. One of the main reasons for moving abroad was to travel more. Now I’ll be marathon training for the next 5 months, there can be no travel. Okay, really it’s only 4 months of strict training. And this next month I’m going to London, Vienna, and then home. I know, woe is me. 4 months of no traveling ending with a marathon in Paris. But it kinda sucks thinking that from January to mid-April I’m stuck in Scotland. Right when it’s the coldest and dampest. 

I guess I’ll have to take a greater interest in my city of Aberdeen. More dinners out, more movies, maybe some lawn bowling. I’m thinking about heading down to Glasgow and/or Edinburgh for a night after a Saturday morning long slow distance (LSD going further). Not a whole lot to do in terms of hiking and exploring the great Scottish outdoors in our 3 hours of sunlight.

So I think to reward myself for a (assumed) great marathon, we’ll take a proper holiday…8-10 days. I’m debating between Turkey, Indonesia, or Thailand. Any thoughts on which would be best?


  1. Erin

    When are you going to Vienna? I’m heading there the 21st…

    1. Lauren (Post author)

      Early December….just in time for you to give me all the ins and outs 🙂

  2. Tina Wheatley

    not going to lie but my Fitbit came off while I was at the airport in Vegas and I’m very happy a person told me you lost something so I know the feeling!


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