30 Things to be Thankful For in Scotland

As you’ll soon be reading- Thanksgiving turned out really well.  But I was a little too stressed planning out the day, then executing the day, then being exhausted to post before November came to a close.  I wanted to be a little more optimistic and share 30 things I’m thankful for in Scotland.

  1. New friends that are thoughtful and sweet.
  2. Weekly golf lessons in golf Mecca.
  3. Being able to let Stella off leash all day every day.
  4. Sewing class and the future possibility of making a kilt.
  5. Men in kilts- you can’t help but smile.
  6. My hard working husband that allows me to be a lady of leisure.
  7. More time for books and book club.
  8. An excuse to invest in Barbour.
  9. Being close enough for a weekend trip to London, Vienna, Madrid…
  10. Highland Coos.
  11. People pulling over in the middle of the highlands to play the bagpipes.
  12. No artificial food coloring.
  13. Very local produce and meat.
  14. Crumpets.
  15. Driver on driver kindness.
  16. Still being close to the beach.
  17. Being warmer than Chicago in the winter.
  18. Still being able to get to Costco.
  19. Hatchbacks.
  20. Porridge.
  21. Tartan and Harris Tweed everything!
  22. Getting to wear sweaters nearly year round.
  23. The most beautiful countryside in all the land (castles, horses, coos, sheeps, lochs, mountains, hills, and the green green land).
  24. Unicorns and Nessie
  25. Curling arenas with free intro lessons.
  26. Munros to bag.
  27. Stopping for a cuppa.
  28. Getting to say “wee”, “tellie”, “neeps”, “tatties”, and “coo” with regularity.
  29. The oh-so lovely and welcoming Scots.
  30. And obviously…Scotch.

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