Lululemon Rain Runner Jacket Review

It’s been a while since I’ve done a product review even though I definitely have things I’d like to review. The biggest thing I’ve wanted to review is the Lululemon Rain Runner Jacket but figured they were already sold out- so what’s the point. Well, Lululemon isn’t sold out…and if you are a runner who occasionally runs in rain (or a runner who lives in Scotland and always runs in rain) you NEED this jacket.  And living in Scotland and training for a marathon…well if I’m not a Rain Runner I don’t know who is….

I admit, the price tag is a little steep, $198 (I did buy this jacket when I was in Chicago in September, but saw it in London Lulu last week). My mom couldn’t believe I was doing it…she didn’t understand my need for a rain running jacket. But I knew I needed more rain running gear and it was actually a really cute jacket. In a color I didn’t have any other tops in! And despite saying it was for the rain, it had a hood! Basically my requirements for outerwear in Scotland are that it’s rain proof and has a hood.

So here’s the blurb from Lulu’s website:

Rainy or not, here we run! We made this lightweight technical jacket to help us stay dry whether or not the weather is on our side. Seam-sealed in all the right places, it helps stop water from creeping in and has plenty of ventilation so we can keep our cool when things heat up.

fabric + features

  • lightweight Glyde Ultra fabric is wind- and water-resistant
  • seam-sealed at the hood, collar and shoulders to help you stay dry
  • hidden 360° reflectivity lets you stay visible in low light
  • stow the hood easily in the zip collar
  • laser-cut storm flap at the chest lets you cool down in a flash
  • snaps keep your collar from flapping around when unzipped
  • all around venting so you can let off some steam
  • imported

And now I’ll break down why I love it.

  • The Hood: So as I mentioned, it has one- excellent. It also folds up super easy to be stashed inside the collar. Like so easy I can do it running if need be. It has the traditional elastic cords on each side by the neck, but more so- it has an elastic cord on the back of the hood. With the combo of cords you can seriously make this hood fit, where you want on your head/face, and run with it without it moving. It’s amazing! No more cinching the cord too tight around your face so you can barely peep out to stay dry! The hood also has a little cap to really keep rain off your face. It’s the best hood in the world. If I could put it on all of my coats and long sleeve ¼ zips, I would.LW4C42S_015228_14
  • The Material: It is truly waterproof! Keeps me 100% dry. And it does have some reflective bits. It also doesn’t make me as much as a sweat box as my Nike lightweight running coat…the ventilation/cuts seems to be doing it’s job.LW4C42S_015228_2
  • The Fit: It’s super flattering. Not too tight, grazes your sides. Perfect length. All around great.  The back does poof out oddly…which I kind of stare at while I golf (there are mirrors at the driving range), but maybe that’s for a reason? I don’t know…doesn’t bother me.
  • The Pockets: Pretty good pocket options. Arm pocket (that I haven’t used), inside pocket to keep your iphone dry, and normal pockets. I will say the normal pockets are a bit short and a bit high. I also feel like they get a little stuck sometimes. But they fit my snot rags and don’t ever cause me to stop to fiddle with them. So good in my book.IMG_0777











I mean- what more do you want in a running jacket?! It keeps you dry, the hood stays up, it doesn’t overheat you, you’ll look cute. IT’S AMAZING. I actually wear it almost every day. I wear it to golf, I wear it to run, I wear it to walk the dog (if it’s not too cold). Best jacket ever. Buy it. Seriously, it’s worth the money.

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