An Expat Holiday

Getting back on track.  Working through NYE, jetlag, and getting set up for January’s consulting work. And I really didn’t have any time to write while stateside.  As stated, we did Thanksgiving here in Scotland. Which will probably be the trend. But we definitely were coming home (Chicago/Northwest Indiana) for Christmas. I was home exactly 2 weeks. E came home for 9 days. It was pretty exhaustingly hellacious. Does that mean we won’t come home next year? Absolutely not. But, we’ll have to evolve and do things differently.

My wonderful childhood home.  Fills me with so much love.

My wonderful childhood home. Fills me with so much love.

First, lessons learned.

  1. It is always cheaper to pay for extra luggage, rather than overweight luggage. Even if you have to go buy the luggage from the airport kiosk…it will be cheaper. Now you know. Don’t test it and thank me in advance.
  2. If traveling with fur-baby, even if said fur-baby has always managed bathroom business at the utmost professional manner previously. Always be prepared for the very rare instance that an emergency strikes. Wee-wee pads.
  3. Request everyone order your presents and have them shipped directly to your home. And then open up wrapped boxes with pictures of what they ordered. Because it ain’t gonna fit. Extra and overweight luggage be damned.
  4. Extend your originally planned trip by at least 4 days.

I spent 4 days in Chicago.

  1. Hair appointment-Trader Joe’s stock up-Shrink appointment-new baby visit-running store drive by.
  2. Shopping and lunch with my mom.
  3. A party and day of filming for something that rhymes with louse punters.
  4. Blackhawks game.

    We won!

    We won!

I spent 2 days in a dentist chair.

  1. Root canal and cleaning.
  2. Crown

I took Stella to the vet 3 days.

  1. Consultation
  2. Teeth Cleaning
  3. Tapeworm treatment (she doesn’t have tapeworm, it’s a requirement to get her back into the UK)

I had drinks with a friend 1 night.

I saw my best friend, her baby, and family for about an hour.

I went shopping (mostly for others or with my mom) at least 5 times.

I ran 31 miles (6 runs).

And I can’t break down the timeline, but I was trying to hang out with my mom, 2 brothers, sister-in-law, new baby nephew, godfather, goddaughter, in-laws, and E’s 2 brothers as much as possible. Oh and E’s grandmas and cousins. And playing with a lot of dogs.  Oh the joys of coming from the same town….We jumped from house to house, event to event, family member to family member, sometimes splitting up to conquer more. Every night, we would fall asleep as soon as heads hit the pillow and have an alarm set to (or goddaughter) wake us early the next day.IMG_1038

Christmas Eve dinner

Christmas Eve dinner

I love my baby Max-deer!

I love my baby Max-deer!

So without going too deep into everything….it was great being home. I wish it had snowed but glad I’m back to the UK before the 0 degree temps came in (that’s 0 Fahrenheit peeps). Next year I’ll probably stay for 3 weeks. And still expect to be run ragged. There’s just so much to do and people to see.  It’s all good, but it’s stressful.  Really stressful.  It’s still being debated if and when I’d return next year (other than Christmas)…we’ll play it by ear. But the days are already getting longer and my door is open for visitors!


1st course Christmas Eve- Mussels with sausage...mmmm

1st course Christmas Eve- Mussels with sausage…mmmm






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