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Tonight I told E I’d start ironing his shirts when I’ve figured out my routine. He replied that we’ve been here 6 months, that the “getting into a routine” excuse doesn’t really apply anymore. Holy cow, 6 months and I’m just now starting to feel settled. We didn’t move into our house until the end of September and of course that took time to adjust to. We didn’t trade in our rental car and get our real car until the last week of November. Then we were in Vienna, than home. It may be late in the game, but I finally now feel as if I’m able to settle into and figure out a routine.

I think I’ve been pretty kind to myself in the process, but it’s a mind trip. If we only stay 2 years… a quarter of our time abroad is over. That’s scary and stressful. Our ideal plan would be in Scotland 203 years, and somewhere else abroad for another 2-3 years. Over Christmas my mother told me that she’d be dead before I came home. That wasn’t guilting at all…

But really it takes so much time to adjust, you have to stay a bit to make it worth it. Not just make the move worth it, but getting out there and putting in effort to meet people, create friendships, become a part of the community….give your daily life some goals and meanings (assuming you’re a ‘trailing spouse’ and not working full time.)

From when I started this post until now, I had another big routine bucking experience immediately followed up by another. We had our (scheduled 4) 5 days of filming for house hunters international.** It was literally 5 days of your life on hold. Meaning I missed my long run- which luckily was a cut back to only 7 miles. But really starting the first day of filming, Friday, I began to get sick. It only got worse as the days continued. I think Sunday and Monday my throat was in immense pain. That did go away by Monday but I was getting more congested, my body ached, I was exhausted. And then we added on a day of filming, Tuesday! Every night when we were done we’d struggle to find some food for dinner and then go to bed. One night we were in bed at 8, the other nights 9.

On Wednesday, I had a full day with an AWA (American Women’s Association) board meeting, followed by a birthday potluck lunch and seeing a movie, with a couple hours of down time that finished with book club. I barely made it through. Another day without a run. Thursday I swore not to leave the house and I upheld it but had a lot of work to do with my consulting agency and didn’t really rest per say.   I did cancel my golf lesson. Thursday night went crashing down with a double ear infection, massive amounts of body aches, and general meltdown as it was my father’s birthday. It was a bad night. And my sack of sad self finally broke and cracked open the 1 year expired Z-pak we had and took the first dose.

So now on Friday, I cancelled my PT appointment (because I hadn’t run in a solid week- why would I really need to go to the PT) stayed in bed and slept until noon off and on. I did have to force myself up to do some more work. And at that point I went to the door and had a lovely feel better goodie bag with muffins and chocolate and sweets (and even some posh biscuits for Stella) from a very sweet friend. I’m feeling a bit better but am planning to lay low another day. I MUST get in a 12 miler on Sunday. After a full week off of running….

So yeah, the point of all this I guess is it takes me a really long time to get into a routine. And these slight little setbacks or breaks from routine- 5 days in Vienna, 2 weeks home, 5 days of filming…really throw me off course. I am crossing my fingers to not feel like death Sunday, get my run in, and come back with a vengeance to my weekly routine.



**There will be at least 1 (if not 3) posts on being on House Hunters International, but need to get over this disease, find my routine, and most importantly review all those pieces of paper I signed to make sure I don’t get sued.

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