Aberdeen’s Bad Rap: The People

Aberdeen has such a bad rap. Everyone had (has) lots of bad to say about it. I mean, I found this page just ripping on everything Aberdeen. People from England hate on it extra hard, but even people from Scotland throw shade at the little Granite City. It seems to be most of the complaints are:

  • The people
  • The weather
  • The City
  • The Food

I am here to tackle these false mean claims about Aberdeen in a series of posts. And today it’s the people.

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The Urban Dictionary entry for Aberdeen

The Urban Dictionary entry for Aberdeen

Aberdeen is the friendliest city I have ever been in. And I’m not talking about my other little expat wife friends. I am a probably a little more jaded than others due to the fact that about 70% of my daily interactions are with senior citizens…but aren’t they supposed to be old and crotchety and hate us foreigners? They don’t!

I have elderly neighbors across the street that sign for my packages. The man sits in front of his bay window nearly 90% of the time. When I was injury free and marathon training, he would wave to me and watch every time I set out for a run. And wave again every time I return. Sometimes he’d come out to get his garbage can or car while I was stretching and say a few words. My neighbor around the corner from me (we live on the corner) has recently flagged me down on a walk (I thought for sure I was going to get yelled at because Stella has taken to pissing on his one bush repetitively and thus killed it) because his wife was out at bowling, and he was lonely. So we chatted for about 30 minutes. He sits in the front of the house and waves every time I take Stella out. I’ve made a pact to go in and chat with him once a week. There’s another woman I run into with her dog on the old railway path that likes the looks of Stella and chats us up. It seems where ever I live I develop a posse of seniors to kick it with (Shout out to Dave and Cody!)….maybe I should have a career change?

Then there’s the running community. Yeah we’re all joining up to run so we have something in common. But in my group, I’m the youngest by about 5-10 years easy. And I’m generally the only American. And not only is every one super sweet and social on our Run Club nights, our friendships have extended into a group of weekend runners, runners (well, friends I guess) who now reach out to see how I’m doing with my injury, who have tea with me, and help guide me through the Scottish healthcare system.

Of course there’s the dog people. Dogs are a great way to meet people and we certainly have met a lot with Stella. And they aren’t only nice about Stella, they ask me loads of questions and are super nice, the ones I see more regularly I’m able to banter with (when I understand what they’re saying).

Every sewing class session I meet new ladies who are always very welcoming and chatty. At the grocery store I’m struck up for conversation at least half the time. I mean, in everything I do- everyone is always so very welcoming and SO. DAMN. NICE.  In fact, the other day a friend and I went to lunch at a cafe which is attached to the golf center I take lessons.  She had said on the way she forgot her wallet and I said nae bother that I’d pick it up.  But upon paying, I realized my own wallet was in my gym bag- not with me!  I was super embarrassed and offered to leave Sarah as collateral, which they declined, then said I’d run home, which they also declined.  They said just to pay them next week when I was in again for a lesson.  Seriously…that would never happen in Chicago…or even any place I’ve gone to in Indiana.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some gruff people. And some reaaaaaally drunk people. But I’ve found both the drunks and gruffies are pleasant most of the time.

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