Date Night in Edinburgh

Can I start by saying how many behind I am on posts?! I mean, seriously…I haven’t even recapped my Olympic Gold curling pursuits that happened before Christmas. Man, being a lady of leisure is exhausting. I don’t even know when I’ll be able to catch up on the Oscars, let alone the Bachelor. The struggle is real.

So on Valentine’s Day- the AWA had a Mardi Gras party (post coming!) that we attended. Which was a lot of fun and not a bad V-day. But we wanted to celebrate a proper date night and decided we’d just to delay it a week. So this past weekend we headed down to Edinburgh for Friday night. Why just one night? Because I’m marathon training people and that’s my #1 (whether I want it to be or not) and had a long run on Sunday.

We headed down a little after noon on Friday. E had started the drive but within 20 minutes he had an influx of calls and emails with stuff blowing up (not literally) on his engines so we pulled over and I took over driving so he could work. We didn’t bring Stella down because she gets a little barky in hotel rooms alone- we dropped her off on the way out of town at E’s co-worker’s so that worked out well.

There was a little bit of traffic and I was worried that we wouldn’t get my shopping in by the time we got there…but lucky for us (me…not so much E) we did. All the shops close at 6pm, even on Friday. Oh, Scotland. I needed to hit up Cotswold’s outdoor store to return a couple pair of trail shoes and pick up another pair (in the right size)- did that fairly easily. Was even able to restock on Cliff blocks and other running fuel. Then scampered over to Lululemon. It’s only a showroom- which sucks. So disappointing. No crops I wanted. No cute headbands. Wah. I did get a couple new headbands but they weren’t very cute….but I needed them. See marathon training.

But the big thing is that I brought in my (approximately) 6-year-old running tights (my FAVORITE running tights) that the stitching had come apart in the crotch. See story here.  I was going out on a limb to see if they’d give me a new pair (since they have since reissued them) or store credit…I thought since it was a new store I could pull one over that these pants weren’t 6+ years old…but of course, one of the employees looked a little familiar….and sure enough she was from Chicago and worked at one of the two Lulu’s that was on my block in Chicago. That was a little embarrassing….

So they didn’t call out my lie, but weren’t too keen on giving me a new pair (I have no idea why…just kidding) but they did ask if I had some time and they would take me to their tailor around the corner. Within an hour I not only had the side that totally split stitched up- but they also reinforced the other side for my chubby thighs! Win! Seriously, I love those pants. I didn’t even want another pair. This was the best solution ever. They were the first Lululemon item I ever bought! And the reissued ones can’t be the same….

But I was happy to hear they are opening up a full-scale shop down in Edinburgh this summer. Thank god. Don’t they know Lululemon is part of my culture?! I kid…

Then we headed over to Sweaty Betty. I had never been to a SB store though I had heard of it before moving over here. I think they ship to the states, but they are a British workout wear company. Definitely cute, and a little cheaper than Lululemon, but not as fashion forward I guess. I tried on a pair of tights and they did fit well despite only having standard s, m, l sizing. I didn’t get the pants because I didn’t need them- but I’m open to getting a pair of crops this spring. I do on the other hand get a pair of ‘dressy’ sweat pants. They’re cool with big cuff and all. Whatever- they go with my lifestyle.

So after all that, we didn’t have dinner reservations until 9. Got to go back to the hotel (Hotel Indigo- really quite nice- I’d stay there again) and freshen up and have a drink at the bar. We went to Michelin stared Castle Terrace. Pretty amazing. And I say that after I ate some organs that I did not enjoy. It comes down to the service is amazing. And not only do you get a free Amuse-bouche, but another little free sampler appetizer.

itty bitty little {free}  bites

itty bitty little {free} bites

I love free food!

We both got starters- E had scallops with gnocchi and mango (I think) and I had an extra rich risotto with fried ox tongue. My first time eating a tongue but it was pretty damn good. I mean…it is fried so…

greasy, yummy risotto with tongue

greasy, yummy risotto with tongue


For mains I had the lamp and E had pork belly that was disguised as a burger. Totally Meta man. But he enjoyed it. With my lamb, that was good…but a little lamby for me (that’s a thing people) I had sweet breads (love, love sweet breads) and some liver and kidneys. Let me state, the menu just said lamb and how that was prepared. I thought the liver and kidneys were just little lamb bites. Until I put one in my mouth. And it hit me like a train. I have organ in my mouth. Not too pleased about that. When the waiter came over I asked what everything was and that’s when he told me about the organs. I think there were 2 of each and I had one of each and made E eat the other ones. I’ll try anything once…but that was something I did not enjoy.

Sweet breads back here (1)

E's dinner

E’s dinner

We obviously each got our own dessert. E’s soufflé was the better order. He’s really good at ordering desserts somehow… Mine was a lime-flavored marshmallow with mango and pistachio…good, but E’s was better.  He had candied popcorn on top WITH candied popcorn-flavored ice cream.  It was amazing.  I tried to buy a gallon of it.  No lie.


It was 11:30ish when we got back to the hotel and went to bed. We had a big workout Spinning class planned for Saturday- so big and great it deems it’s own post. That was from about 10:30-noon…after our workout we kinda sorta freshened up and went to the Dome for E to have his first tea. Obviously.

tea with a side of bloody mary & champs

tea with a side of bloody mary & champs

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