Monday Motivation

285506-oI am a super cheese ball. A big old sap. In all aspects of my life. I have no doubt I will cry hysterically when I cross the finish line in UNDER TWO WEEKS. But in some ways, I can use my cheesiness to my advantage. I’ve known from the day I registered finishing 26.2 would be more of a mental battle for my than physical. Now that I’m injured….the physical is going to take a hit, but I actually think the mental took more of a hit.

So how does my blubbery emotional hot mess help me in any way? Motivational Shit (for lack of a better word.) I’m all over it. Give me quotes, stories, pictures, movies, poems, videos and songs about people overcoming obstacles. Specifically in sport. Even better if it’s running. Give me the miracle on ice. Give me Prefontaine. Give me Kathrine Switzer. Give me Louis Zamperini. Give me Jessie Owens. Give me Jackie Robinson. Give me Muhammad Ali. Give me Usain Bolt. Give me Wilma Rudolph. Give me Flo-Jo. Give me Michael Jordan. Give me Serena Williams. And I hope (with a strong recovery) give me Derrick Rose.

I can personalize their amazing feats and make them my own. Even though me trudging through 26.2 isn’t quite the same as gunning for the first 4 minute mile, in the moment it is to me. It works for me. And if that’s what gets the job done…why am I going to mess with that.

And so before every weekend long run, and maybe even some midweek runs, before I head out the door as I stretch and eat breakfast, I watch a series of motivational videos. And you better believe I’ll be watching them from the moment I land in Paris to the moment I head to the start. Here are my top 5 videos I like to watch before a run. Counting down to my favorite.

Warning. They use a lot of the same speeches. I can now quote Rocky and Mr. Ali. And even some any given Sunday. But that’s okay because they all offer something a little different.1b32c26afaae77ab4411c68ade6cd295


#5. Find your greatness. Because everyone can be great.

#4 Strictly Running Motivation.

#3 “Stop running from your pain and embrace your pain. Your pain is going to be a part of your prize, a part of your product.”

#2 My Physio showed me this one- it’s his favorite and he says had the most positive results with his test group.  And who doesn’t love, “I’m so mean I make medicine sick.”


And #1. My absolute favorite.  Rise and Shine. Because it’s too early, too dark, and too cold….and your biggest competition is always yourself.



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