Start of a busy summer

Tomorrow my mother arrives! And if I wasn’t busy enough before (trust me, I keep myself plenty busy as a lady who lunches) things are going to get real crazy. My mother marks the beginning of holidays and house guests. I’m actually shocked it seems like it’s pretty packed since we actually aren’t having that many guests. Memo to all those who said they’d be visiting us: um, what are you waiting for?!


So here’s our summer schedule:

  • The mothership for a week and a half
  • A few days to recover
  • E’s cousin and friend for a long weekend
  • A week to recover, pack, run the Baker Hughes 10K
  • Off to Turkey for a week and a half
  • Get home and MOVE HOUSE the next day
  • Color Run
  • MEGAN comes (one of my best gals from IU/Chicago)
  • Possible trip to Portugal with Megan
  • Elton John
  • Megan leaves and 2 weeks to recover, golf, hike and enjoy Scotland
  • My Aunt and cousins come
  • 3 days to change the sheets
  • In-laws come for a week and a half (E’s birthday)
  • 2 ½ weeks off to recover, golf, hike and enjoy Scotland
  • Croatia for a week and a half (my birthday)
  • Get home, unpack
  • The mothership comes back from some time in Edinburgh
  • Mid-September: collapse.

So back to all you jerks, I mean people, who promised you’d be coming to visit….better look into booking your time slot next year asap. As of June, St. Bcock’s (formerly known as Casa de Bcock) is expanding to an additional 4th bedroom and 3rd full size bath (along with really quiet (dead) neighbors, cows in the back yard, and a grill and garden for your enjoyment!).  Time to introduce the Scots to s’mores.  There are a couple periods with a week or two off though, so i think we should make it.  And I like having lots to look forward to.  Once we’re in September I’ll only have Christmas and coming back stateside to look forward to- boohoo.

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