The Marathon That Almost Wasn’t

Before my full Paris Marathon Recap (spoiler alert: I ran it, I accomplished my goal, and I lived to tell about it) I thought I should look back to last Wednesday when I was up against yet another obstacle to running this marathon. Thinking, “What the hell am I even doing?! What does all this mean?!”

Don't look too shabby considering this is minutes after running 26.2

Don’t look too shabby considering this is minutes after running 26.2

So when I was injured and barely walking and thinking there was no way in hell I could finish a marathon (See my despair here) I actually had half decided that I was going to cancel the marathon. When I first signed up I bought the race insurance so if I was injured I could get my money back. But when I looked into cancelling, I realized I didn’t get trip insurance. I couldn’t get my money back from the flights (or even credit to be used later) and I would only get 50% back of my accommodation I had already paid for (with AirBNB). And I hate wasting money.

Other people suggested, well just go and enjoy a weekend in Paris? Um no. There was no way in hell I was going to Paris on marathon weekend and not run the marathon. That would be rubbing my nose in it. I would go insane and be angry and bitter and probably trip every runner I saw. Because I’m a hater like that…

So it wasn’t an option to cancel. And that’s when I decided come hell or high water (that’s the saying right?) I was at the very least starting the marathon. I would give it my best and hope I didn’t need a new hip at the end. Pain be damned. And I resumed with my very jacked up, re-vamped training schedule.

Well, on Sunday at 11pm, 4 days before I was to arrive in Paris, my AirBnB got cancelled. It was really strange because I had paid for it months prior and was texting the owner of the house over the weekend about picking up the keys, and then at 11pm on Sunday she just cancelled on me?! I texted her immediately but she didn’t reply. I called Air BnB furious that someone could cancel on me, but I couldn’t cancel without them taking half my money. They sent me new places to stay but I didn’t really like any. We stayed up until about 1am looking for a new place and I had emailed a couple of Air BnB people to see if they were available. E started looking up hotels and microwave shops in Paris. I had wanted to stay in a flat for more space (since we wouldn’t be doing much sightseeing) and for a full kitchen so I could have carbs on hand and be able to make my porridge breakfast on race day.

Finally on Monday I was able to book an a new Air BnB place. Not as good of a location or place, and somehow more money, but it was booked. Sadly, it ended up that the original owner’s account was hacked and they were trying to get me to re-book and steal my money. What a mess and I feel awful for her and me.

Then comes Wednesday at 3pm. I’m on the phone with my client and I get an email letting me know my 11:40am flight on Thursday (less than 24 hours away) is cancelled. There’s a strike in France of course. I get on the phone right away and manage to get the only other flight I can on Thursday: 6 am. So we have to take the dog to her ‘boarder’ that night and run around like crazies to get everything settled.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 1.05.23 PM

So, I get injured (1) and want to cancel. I can’t cancel because I’ll lose all my money from accommodation and flights. So I don’t. But then my accommodation (2) gets cancelled and then my flights (3) get cancelled. So I had to deal with 3 things trying to stop me from running this marathon. So the rule that bad things come in threes was out of the way….But I just kept thinking, what does it mean? The 2 things that stopped me from cancelling now came true?! What the hell!

Another hiccup was the fact that I realized in my last week of training that I really prefer Raspberry Gu Chomps instead of Clif Bloks, mainly because one serving has 40mg of caffeine.  And ya know, the more caffeine the better when it comes to doing anything.  Unfortunately, it seems they are illegal in the UK due to that amount of caffeine.  So I ordered some from Spain and of course on Tuesday found out they won’t arrive in time.  Luckily, I had a contact in Chicago that knew someone that was running Paris and I was able to hunt them down and have them pick up my precious Gu Chomps for me.  Then of course, at the race expo….Gu was there with them.  So on every level crisis averted, but it was just one more frustration.

Anyway, obviously I overcame it all…probably got some grey hairs (good thing no one has seen my real hair color in well over a decade) but I made it. Maybe I shouldn’t look too deep into things…. 30fd68cbe6a9927deead6aac838203f1

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  1. Tara

    So glad you survived!!! I’ve been thinking about you!

    Grandma Babcock needs that quote about worrying. She’s a wreck right now stressed about nothing!

    Shelby is looking forward to her visit. We’ll email soon.


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