10 Essential Scottish Shoesies

Moving to Scotland? Ya better rethink you shoe game before the movers come. Because I guarantee you’ll need to enhance your shoe collection and it’s a lot cheaper stateside than it is here.

My mother would claim that I couldn’t possibly need more shoes. But she would say that if I had one pair. Yes, it’s true most of my UK friends think I have an obnoxious amount of shoes. But I’m actually not a huge shoe person. I swear. I’ve got nothing on my friends that are real shoe gals. And the shoes I do lust after tend to be sneakers. And have you know…I’ve only bought one pair since I’ve moved here. And they are amazing. And I get compliments wherever I go in them. The availability of sneakers in Europe is a lot sweeter than in the states. I digress….

These are the shoes that I feel are essential to have in Scotland.Slide1

  1. Wellingtons aka Wellies – Obviously. Don’t send these in the sea shipment- get them in your suitcase or at least your air shipment. I know Hunters are all the rage, but I stand by Burberry wellies. I’ve had these beauts since 2006. Worth the cost for sure, although I think I deserve an upgrade. (Cough, cough E)
  2. Wellie-bobs – In truth my wellies were in the sea shipment that got delayed and I needed wellies ASAP due to the fact that I have to take Stella out and didn’t want to ruin my trainers. So I went out and got some cute little wellie-bobs. They’re super easy to slip on for a quick dog wee. And bonus- I got ones that are fleece lined! Even in August, it’s not warm enough (especially when raining) that fleece lined wellie-bobs will make your feet sweat.
  3. Waterproof Hiking Boots – Even if you’re not the sportiest, these will be a good investment living here. And actually, they are the #1 footwear I recommend when coming to visit. Just ask my mom: she’s so glad she got a pair. Scotland is gorgeous.   You are going to want to explore it thoroughly. And a lot of that is done walking. Also, Scotland is not flat. So some ankle support never hurts. And a lot of the walking is on trails. And trails and grass are muddy. And covered in sheep and horseshit. If you get one pair of shoes moving here, it should be these.
  4. Hiking Shoes – I like to have a more casual pair of hiking shoes. These are great for walks on the beach or casual strolls in the woods when you don’t need waterproof-ness or a ton of support. I really hate getting sandy trainers, but sometimes full on boots just seem too intense. That’s when you wear these gems.
  5. Extra Trainers – this is only necessary if you’re running outside and going to the gym. Because you’ll be running in rain, mud, horseshit… you don’t want to track that into the gym. More importantly, they don’t want you to track it into the gym. You should have some clean trainers to get you through your indoor workouts.
  6. Short booties – I would recommend black and brown. They are dressier than sneakers and are the answer when you don’t want to wear heels.  And in all honesty, it doesn’t really pour here all the time.  If you don’t want to look like a frump-ball, you need booties for the rain.
  7. Golf shoes – Um, hello? It’s Scotland. You’re gonna want to get on the links.
  8. Tall boots – Okay, these aren’t essential in Scotland. They were essential in Chicago though and I won’t give them up. But in actuality, I can’t believe how infrequent I wore equestrian style boots in Scotland.  But see note about short booties, same applies.  You can’t tromp around in rubber boots all day.
  9. Slippers – I’ve mentioned you should also get these in your air shipment if not on your person when you arrive. The houses here are cold unless you have heated floors (and even still, my kitchen tile isn’t heated and is deathly cold) you’ll need these.
  10. Sandals – oh no, not for Scotland. For someplace warm where you’ll holiday. Coming up on my diary: Turkey and Portugal.

And to be fair, I did note that some might be considered optional in your life. But none are optional in mine.  Honorable mention goes out to my trail shoes!  I never needed trail shoes before and I still feel damn cool in these light weight, super tread shoes.Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 8.40.49 PMAny pair I forgot or you disagree on?  Don’t get me wrong, it does get warm enough to wear cute flats, but they wouldn’t really be necessary I don’t think.  I also did not put in Uggs because they’re not the best for wetness.  And even though I brought both my regular shearling Uggs and super industrial lined snow-proof, water-proof, -20 degrees fahrenheit Uggs….I wore them the one day it was snowing…and they were completely unnecessary, as hiking boots would have been fine.  But who knows, maybe next year I’ll need winter boots AND sandals in Scotland.  Global warming is a tricky b.


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