Post Marathon Physical Check In

I thought I should share a little update about where I was at physically after the Paris Marathon. It’s now 3 FULL weeks past. And unfortunately I haven’t done much in terms of physical activity until this morning. I thought I just needed a week off, but I was really still feeling like shit…getting worn out very easily, fatigued, and feeling really neauseaus. And now finally 3 weeks later I’m feeling normalish. Biggest issue was getting headaches every day or so…I can’t tell if it was residual from the race or if it’s the abundance of Scotland sun (don’t laugh).

Anyway- looking back on all post race issues:

I was lucky to have put on sunscreen, but I missed the back (or front) of my calves and they got a little pink- but it wasn’t anything too severe. But I guess the lesson there is sunscreen everywhere.

I had applied Run Guard on all my crevices and tried to put it everywhere my sport bra came in contact…I would not have bloody nipples damn it. But I apparently didn’t lube right at the top (neckline) of my sport bra. So I’m left with these chafing marks- not too bad though as chafing goes!

My only chaffing!

My only chaffing!

Right after the marathon, I mean right after crossing that start line, my initial thoughts were, “oh my legs might give way” and “holy hell my lower abs are killing me.” When we got to the flat, I laid around for an hour or two (eating chocolate, watching Bravo) but didn’t want to nap because I feared I’d never move. E on the other hand napped hard – spectating as Beeker…hard work. I managed to shower and get dressed but was far too tired to blow dry and straighten… I felt tired, but not dead. But my hip pain was aching, and I really thought I was totally back to the worst point of my hip injury. Even so, I was overall feeling much better than I expected….other than the lower abs. Seriously, so sore. Had no idea!

I had trouble sleeping that night from pretty terrible hip pain. I roll a lot while I sleep and every time I did I woke up in pain. Monday was a whole new level of pain. I mean…it was just a really ridiculous fatigue and soreness in my legs (and of course, lower abs). That doesn’t sound too bad I know, just saying I was tired and sore. But it was to an insane level of soreness that cannot be described unless you experience it. It would take me a long time to get my legs moving after we stopped at anytime and when we got going, I was just a bit awkward. I felt all jelly-like from my knees up and had to be careful my legs didn’t give way. Luckily there were lots of us hobbling around the city and I think people knew what was up as handfuls of us walked sideways down the metro stairs. The worst was the hour and a half plane ride followed by walking down the little metal staircase once we landed…but again there were a few of us on the flight.

Monday (the day after the race) was the worst by far for pain. And I was super nauseous; I felt I was going to puke on our drive to pick up Stella once we got back.  By Monday night I kind of realized that my hip wasn’t all that injured. So that’s good!

Tuesday I felt loads better in terms of pain and my overall legs and was almost handling stairs like a normal human on Wednesday. But both days I was extremely nauseous and had killer headaches. I guess maybe everything in me was just so depleted. And trust me- not pregnant. I’ve been trying to stay off my feet (only getting about 3K steps Tuesday-Friday) to rest. On Friday my hip hurt worse than it had previously…but I think I just need to stretch. Because I hadn’t done that since the morning of the race. Whoops.

Since then I’ve gone on some decent walks and started easing into some ab stuff but it wasn’t until this morning I went to a bootcamp that I had even run- and that was just around Duthie Park (maybe like a quarter mile?).  But I actually miss running for the first time ever- so that’s promising.  My mom’s been here the last 12 days and I was just hanging out with her a lot.  One day I did wake up early to run but it just didn’t happen.  It’s hard to keep schedule with guests.  Anyway, the rest of bootcamp was a full body circuit using just body weight and some core work- I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow!  I’m pretty happy that it seems I didn’t totally screw my hip by running the marathon though- hurrah! Still, I have a lot of work (mainly getting a good core) to prevent it from happening again. And stretching, stretching, stretching.

Stretching with a partner is always more fun.

Stretching with a partner is always more fun.

But I’m excited to start figuring out where I’m going with my workouts and goals next. In the meantime, I’m signed up for the Baker Hughes 10K on May 17. What’s a little 10K compared 42?

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  1. Kristen

    I got those same chaf marks once! It was a legit scab!


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