House Hunters International Reminder

Househunters_InternationalHey all!

Just a quick reminder if you’re living state-side, our House Hunters International episode airs tonight.  Most of you will be seeing it before me since we’ll watch the second playing of it in the evening which is 6:30am our time.  Don’t be too critical….it’s not really real and as I’ve learned, I’m a shit actress.

And it should be noted, I just turned over the keys to the house we “picked” on the episode this morning and we are now living in a 200 year old church.

Also, please note that I was forced to run out of the car, jump up and down, and yell “sheep, sheep!”…FORCED.

Fingers crossed that E looks like that bad guy and that I don’t come off as the princessy, spoiled, bitch. Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 4.35.32 PM


  1. Claire

    I laughed so hard at all the sheep references! And poor E, having to duck so much.

    But, practically– is it normal to find furnished rentals? That would be amazing for me, since I don’t want to move any furniture from Missouri that I don’t have to move!

    1. Lauren (Post author)

      There are a lot of furnished or partially furnished places available for rent. And that’s a good thing since some houses would be nearly impossible to fit american beds or sectionals. That being said, we did bring our American king size and that had a big part in what house we could get.

  2. Claire

    Watched it! Funny, but also informative. Can’t wait to move. I noticed a lot of furnished places for rent in Glasgow, which is reassuring because I don’t intend to move my furniture and don’t want to purchase furniture. T minus one year and I still don’t feel ready– ha!

    1. Claire

      Forgot I commented. Whoops!


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