Quick Check In

What happened to the ambitious blogger who posted up to 3x a week {there might have even been a 4-er in there}?!!

Well to start, summer. And just like everyone else in the world, your work gets a little lax in the summer time. Really it’s not the icy grey skies and frigid temps of the north sea pulling me away. Right now, it’s the fact that we STILL don’t have internet at our new house. That really hinders the posting of blogs if you hadn’t guessed.

Furthermore, from getting back from Turkey, to moving house, to Megan arriving and spending some time in Edinburgh and all around Aberdeen, to going to Lisbon for 5 days, to now still trying to unpack, do 10 loads of laundry, buy household essentials needed for 3 guests coming in a week, to planning the holidays for our next 3 sets of guests AND our own holiday in Croatia….I’m swamped. Oh yeah, and I do have a client that I kinda have to put as a priority ahead of my blog…

But just a quick check in as I sit in my current office located at the David Lloyd Aberdeen gym… Will definitely get a post up this week about our trip to Lisbon. And in the next couple weeks you can be expecting:

  • A fly by of Megan’s trip to Scotland
  • A recap of an epically photographic trip around the highlands with my Aunt
  • The nightmares of moving in Scotland
  • New Home sneek peek aka The Church of Bcock
  • House Hunters International: Deep Reflection
  • Turkey Holiday : Lessons Learned
  • Let’s Get {back to being} Physical

And hopefully this post…

  • Obtaining the infamous UK driver’s license

Wouldn’t expect that one until September but fingers crossed until then!

Sorry for sucking…be on the look out for Lisbon recap this week. And until then, enjoy my new neighbors.



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