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I have now been to LifesCycle Edinburgh twice and I can’t wait to go again. It’s definitely review worthy and worthy of spreading the news to Scottish expats and Scottish people alike.20150221_103529 (2)

The first time I went to LifesCycle, it was the week after Valentine’s Day. E and I went to Edinburgh for the night for some good food and a good sweat the next morning. I was beyond excited for a proper spin class. So excited, I was doing it the day before my 16 mile run {my furthest then and was uninjured at the time- I swear they aren’t related.} We woke up and had some breakfast {porridge, always porridge for me before working out} and checked out of the Hotel Indigo and drove to LifesCycle. Must admit, we drove past it twice and decided to park knowing it was somewhere around there. Then we walked past it once! Definitely a discreet and underassuming doorway.

We were early because they advised every first timer {with previous spin experience or not} to attend the intro session.   An earlier class was just letting out and loads of people were milling about, talking, having coffee and sweets. And there were a few dogs hanging out- that always makes my day.

We met the owners, a super cool couple, Andy and Jeannie. They were welcoming and kind, and seriously, just gnarley. That’s the adjective I would most like to use for them. Especially for Andy. We did the intro with a couple other first timers. I wouldn’t say it’s totally necessary if you’re familiar with spinning – but hey, it can’t hurt. A nice little warm up and I got to ask Jeannie a few form questions I had always pondered.20150221_105310

Soon the rest of the class was pouring in. Not an open bike in the house. Including the 4 bikes they managed to scrunch in on the top podium with Andy leading as instructor. There were all walks of life. Some in full cycling kits, some {like myself} in a t-shirt and capris. Big and little, male and female, young and old. And I mean, some really old.20150221_105713

The ride itself was fantastic and strives to feel like a ride on the open road and not just a ride on a stationary bike. And that’s a big deal hear because most spin classes don’t do that- they are just a spin class and generally a pretty shitty one as far as spin classes go. The music is in line perfectly with your climbs, your coasts, your headwinds….and it’s not music you’ll grow tired of…these aren’t top of the pops or the latest charts, but they keep you energized and excited about what’s next. That along with the utterly weird shit playing on the projector- if you’re pushing your ride and need a distraction from the work and pain in your legs- there’s plenty to distract you. Totally. Weird. Shit. But that just adds to the charm.20150221_110233

The entire studio is in to it and a believer- you can tell. There’s a lot of talk about riding together as a pack. And times when Andy yells out who’s with me and everyone cheers or when he says “One Life” and everyone answers with “One Life Cycle”….this is some meta stuff people. And when asked if we wanted to do one more song before we cooled down- it was an overwhelming yes.

When Megan was in town, we went in on a mid-week, mid-day ride led by Jeannie. And it was a really good, difficult ride- even though it was 15 minutes shorter and there were only 5 of us in the room. If you can have a good ride with 5 people in the room- I think that’s amazing! Though I am still baffled at the fact that they can’t get more people on a mid-day ride. They just started offering these classes in the summer and they aren’t well attended. Where are the yuppy stay-at-home moms in this country?! All day, every day, Shred415 classes are PACKED in Chicago….waiting list packed.   And there’s only 5 people in this spin class at the ONLY designated spin studio in Scotland, in the biggest city….what is the cultural difference here…are there no ladies of leisure looking to get svelt? I digress…

The place itself- it might throw you for a loop. It certainly did me. As I mentioned, it’s unassuming and you’ll probably walk by it- I even did the second time with Megan. There are a couple toilets and then a men and women’s room that has 2 showers each…but these are pretty barebones showers and I wouldn’t really recommend planning on getting dolled up after. There are some cubbies along the wall, or you can leave your stuff on a sofa. It’s a very laid back atmosphere in general, but everyone is there for a solid workout.

So whether you are a spin fanatic or never tried it before- you should check this place out next time your in Edinburgh. You’re going to have a good ride. You’re going to smile a lot of the time. And you’re going to feel totally welcome regardless of your ability.IMG_0018


  1. Tricia

    I didn’t know you were a spin kind of gal!

    1. Lauren (Post author)

      I am! I used to spin in Chicago once or twice a week. I was originally planning on getting certified as an instructor here…. but I kind of hate Les Mills which is all they do.


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