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So our next guest this summer was Megan, as mentioned in the Lisbon recap. I wanted to give a brief recap of her trip.  But in writing this, I realized she is my only FRIEND coming this summer…everyone else is family.  Family is great, but what the hell friends?!  2 slots are already taken next summer, so you better get on it.  And if you think you’ll ignore me in Scotland but then when we get relocated to the Maldives or some place fantastic then you’ll come crash…you got another thing coming.

Megan flew direct from Chicago to Edinburgh on United {only offered in the summer} which had her land at about 8:30 am. That’s definitely the worst part of the flight; you get in right in the morning when you haven’t slept because you take off at such an awkward time of day. But she was a trooper and stayed awake the whole day! We checked out Edinburgh Castle and then decided we hadn’t walked vertically enough for the day and pursued King Arthur’s seat. This is made out to be an easy walk from everything I saw online. I’m not saying you need to train for…but I’m saying my mom or mother-in-law wouldn’t make it…and we were sweating our butts off. If you’re not in trainers there’s no way you can do it. And I haven’t wished for a sport bra and tank more in my life.

We look a little "special"  at Edinburgh Castle

We look a little “special” at Edinburgh Castle


But the views were gorgeous and we did think ahead and bring some iced alcoholic beverages to the top, which were well deserved.

Top of King Arthurs Seat

Top of King Arthurs Seat


The next day we went to a spin class at Life Cycle in Edinburgh. I’ve been here before and I love it. Don’t worry, they’ll get their own review soon enough…because I am a Fitfluental ambassador and should be talking a little bit more about working out…We got some sweet treats for the drive home from Mimi’s Café and made it back up to Aberdeen where we picked up Stella and E and went to Stonehaven for a little stroll around Dunnotar castle.IMG_0024


On Thursday Megan and I saw Slains Castle and then did the walk along Bullers of Buchan. We even saw a Puffin but the sneaky little bia flew off before we could grab a pic.IMG_0027 IMG_0261

Friday was the House Hunters International viewing and a ride to the country for a good lunch and some light shopping. We then had a good time out with a group of friends on Friday, which led to sleeping in on Saturday and severely scaling back on the hike we had planned. Not only that, but it was overcast as hell. We still made a valiant effort and hiked up a smaller hill in Braemar…which was still difficult and unfortunately we were freezing when we made it to the top and couldn’t see a damn thing.

That start of our hike when we had some more visibility and fire swatters.

That start of our hike when we had some more visibility and fire swatters.

Freezing at the top but we have digestive biscuits!


On Sunday Megan got to experience her first Highland Games at Glamis Castle. E & I had been to one last year and this summer we’re going to 3 different ones with all of our guests. Megan, my in-laws, and my mum & friend are all leading us to Highland Games. Which is just fine by me, because this never gets old.

Megan <3 dudes in kilts

Megan loves dudes in kilts.

When's the last time we saw a Stella shot?

When’s the last time we saw a Stella shot?

Taking in all the joys of her first Highland Games.  Note: That used to be my safari hat and is now my Scotland hat.

Taking in all the joys of her first Highland Games. Note: That used to be my safari hat and is now my Scotland hat.

Then Monday-Friday was Lisbon. We had plans to go out Friday night but due to our all night rager the night before, ordered Chinese food and stayed in. On Saturday there was a beer festival in Stonehaven that we attended- it was actually pretty good and I don’t even drink beer. Even better, Stella got to come. Then in the evening E & I had Elton John tickets {amazing} while Megan explored Aberdeen until we were done and could meet up.

Sunday morning we all went to ASDA to stock Megan up with Scottish treats and then drove all over the place getting Butteries/Rowies for Megan to try. Note to self: don’t wait until people’s Sunday flight out for Butteries as all bakeries are closed. All in all, a pretty good trip.

Megan <3 dudes in kilts  even if they're fake


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    Looks like you’re an awesome tour guide! Glad you had such a good time!


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