I really tried to finish up an Airbnb blog post this week but I just didn’t have the time. I’m sure people with jobs are like, please. But for the record I do have a job, and soon to be too. This week was seriously non-stop.

Monday: brekkie, laundy, golf, golf meeting as I’m co-leading the activity group, home for lunch and mor elaundy, grocery shop, make dinner and have a friend over for dinner and wine.

Tuesday: brekkie, round of 9 holes with a friend, lunch, volunteer work, dry cleaner, gym, late dinner.

Wednesday: brekkie, board meeting, lunch, work for my client, start new blog entry, riding lesson, client call, shower, book club

Thursday: brekkie, laundry, load & run dishwasher, clean kitchen, vacuum entire stupidly large house, make not one but 3 dinners for E while I’m away, create instructions for E, unload dishwasher and reload, client work, fold laundry, trail run, dinner, start packing for the weekend as I’m leaving Friday afternoon after my riding lesson.

So this is the post you’ll get…..I’m off! For the next 7 days on a Intro to Meditation & Yoga Retreat at Dhanakosa Buddhist Retreat Centre. I have some experience with meditation but really haven’t been actively practicing since we moved. I started meditation at the urging of my Fairy God Mother about 2 years ago…at first just taking a few minutes each day to stop and breath, then practicing with guided podcasts, and eventually I started attending some seminars in Chicago that would meet once a week for 6 to 8 weeks. But I still am very much a beginner and definitely needed a beginner level retreat.

I just wanted a way to get back into balance after the summer. Kind of figure out what’s going on it my head and center myself. I mean- it can’t hurt! As for the yoga part, well they had another retreat called Meditation and Hill Walking that I was tempted on but the date didn’t work out. But I definitely wanted to do something active, even though I’m not a big yoga person. But hey, maybe that will change?

There will a post going up this week- it’s already written and scheduled to post automatically, because for the next 7 days my life is:

  • Internet Free
  • Phone Free
  • TV Free
  • Meat Free
  • Jeans Free (yay, yoga pants)
  • Friend Free (at least when I arrive)
  • Wine Free

Shit…do they allow caffeine and coffee!? Oye. I might come back in a good mood or on a murderous rampage. Guess we’ll have to take our chances.

I’d like to think I’m excited but right now I’m just feel nervous. It’s like I’m 12 and going to sleep away camp again. Did I pack the right stuff? Will I get along with anyone? Will I be miserable and want to leave? Am I in over my head?

If anything it will be good for me to step back from social media and reality TV, put in some hard time with my book (All the Light We Cannot See), and hopefully get some beautiful runs in with the gorgeous highlands as my background.

Full recap to come of course.

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