Combating Homesickness with Snapfish

My mom was in total dismay over this….but here’s my dirty little secret…

I have yet to hang anything in our new house!

Yeah, that could have went a lot of different directions…. Hear me out, we’ve only been in this house 3 and not even a half months! And in that time I’ve been out of country for 3 of the weeks and nearly every other week we’ve had guests! I just haven’t had time. But we’re definitely going to get after this bit-by-bit until it’s complete (by mid-October LATEST before we host a get together- which probably means the day before we run around frantically cleaning, cooking, and hanging pictures).

But hanging pictures can be hard! And time consuming. And if you’re type A about levelness, a nightmare! But you know what’s really easy to hang…. canvasses. They are so lightweight, the ledge is a built in hook, and all you need to a tack…okay maybe 2 tacks if you’re the type A person aforementioned.

But as soon as my mom left, I got hit with a severe bout of homesickness, which believe it or not, still happens and can hit me like truck out of nowhere. I needed to get something up on my walls that would combat the homesickness and make me happy. And what better than an easy-to-hang photo canvas using a picture from our wedding day which was in the heart of my favorite city and such a happy moment in my life.

I had used Snapfish before to order photo products in the states and was more than happy to see they had that uses pretty much the exact same format. No new tricks to learn, but there were definitely some new products since my last order. I chose to do a black and white photo and put it on a Slim Photo Canvas, which is the same look as a regular canvas, it’s just thinner in profile and cheaper. And it’s lighter! Another bonus for the one tack users! I ordered on a Saturday evening and got the canvas on Wednesday morning- which I think is a pretty quick turn around town. Put a tack in the wall and subdue the homesickness. Easy peasy.

Slim canvas vs. regular

Slim canvas vs. regular

I’m really happy with how it turned out. A little reminder of a great day, a great time, and the city I love and miss.  DSC_0374

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Snapfish UK and I was provided with a £40 credit to choose whatever photo product I wanted.


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  1. Megan

    great picture to start decorating around!


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