Not in Kansas Anymore

I’ve been busy with travel and houseguests but needed to share a little tale from last night.  In case I had any doubts, I am not living the life as I had known it in the states.   Obviously I couldn’t be more excited to be by sheep and the countryside in the Church of Bcock, but last night I encountered a situation that as my mother says, if she wasn’t there, she wouldn’t believe.

As we’re pulling out of the driveway to head to Stonehaven for castles, fried mars bars, and fish n chips….our neighbor’s father stops us. (We know the neighbor kid’s grandparents quite well as they normally are around 3 days a week to watch the kids.) Our conversation went like this:

“The flock of sheep broke free from their fence. If you’re turning right watch out. They’re to the right, but ya know, a car will come up and drive ‘em this way. I knocked on the farmhouse door but no one answered, they must be out.”

“Oh, okay, thanks for letting me know.”

“Yeah, if you turn left you should be fine. But I’m sure a car will push them this way soon. Actually, I think I’ll try to get them in the garden here and close the gate. Just watch out when you come back, because if I can get them in the garden I will.”

“Oh….okay. I’ll let Erik know.”

I then drove on (turning left) and called E letting him know that a) the flock is loose so drive carefully because there will be sheep in the road and b) the gate to our garden might be closed and our yard filled with sheep because the grandfather is trying to corral the loose flock in our property for safe keeping until the farmer comes home. E’s response was a fit of laughter and a “Are you f**king joking?” It was pretty priceless.

Honestly, this is a situation I would have never in a million years encountered living in our high-rise off Michigan Ave in Chicago….or actually, even at my parent’s house in Indiana. Just embracing the Scottish lifestyle over here….

And it appears this type of thing happens regularly.  While our great sheep escape didn’t make the news, a quick google search shows that this sort of thing happens all the time.  In May this year already in Aberdeen (see below) and all over the UK (see here, here, and here).  Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 10.19.59 PM


  1. Jo Winey-Babcock

    So, we’re they corralled in your yard?

    1. Lauren (Post author)

      They actually didn’t….they stuck ’em on the field next to our house for the night.


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