Friday Faves 10.16

Bringing my weekly blog post count up to what it used to be! The Indian Summer has pretty much continued in Scotland. The evenings get cold and there’s frost, but every day its been sunny and warming up to the mid-50’s…which is the equivalent of mid-70’s in Chicago.

Anyway….things that made my week:

  1. THE CUBS BEAT THE CARDINALS!! Hell yeah this makes it a good week! Even if you’re not a Cubs fan…come on…every dog deserves their day! And for Ernie Banks damn it!  So happy for the Cubbies.1976965_10153533749145659_2173506493715307459_n
  2. Hilarious children’s costumes. If I had a kid, one of these would definitely be going down.  Any great costume idea is even better when used on a baby/child.halloween-costumes-for-kids-6 halloween-costumes-for-kids-7 halloween-costumes-for-kids-36
  3. My new riding crop. 3rd Anniversary gift is leather and E delivered. Good thing too because it was I was on Dixie today at the stables…worth it’s weight in gold to get some respect out of that horse.
  4. Having a fireplace in our new (very old) house (church). Even though we’ve had great weather lately, there’s a nip in the air and we got to use our fireplace. Lot more of this coming.IMG_1699
  5. This little article on “What Your Go-To Workout Says About You” – Mainly because it makes me feel like I have a split personality disorder….as I speak I have golf clubs, running shoes, gym bag, and riding hat/boots/gloves in my car. What does that say about me?


  1. Sandra Glatthorn

    Your choices tell you that…
    a, You like variety.
    b. You don’t care for team sports.
    c. The solitude and beauty of the great
    outdoors appeals to you and adverse weather
    conditions doesn’t deter you.

  2. Susanne

    I love love love the Edward Scissorhands costume!!!!


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