Know Your Scottish Round 3

IMG_1290It’s that time again! A new bundle of words I’ve encountered. Some of which were easy to define (especially in social context but even on a list), but was noted if it was something that I a) probably have never said in my life and b) actually hear the unspoken word several times a month here in Scotland.

As always, I’ll note these actually aren’t Scottish specific, but most often UK specific.   Although there are some you’d only hear in this country, and possibly even only here in this shire. Good ole’ Aberdeen.


Corn Flour – Corn Starch

Cracking – the best. “This roast is cracking.”

Dummy – Pacifier

Spit Your Dummy – throw a hissy-fit

Casting – shedding (as in Stella is casting all over the house!)

Hack/Hacking – Trail Ride (on horseback)

Whist – a card game

Blether – like “blather”, but used without negative connotation. Like, “Haven’t seen you for a while, let’s get together and have a blether.” The google tells me a Scot uses it to mean “a chat, often a long chat with a good deal of juicy gossip thrown in.”

Clampett – White Trash – from the Beverly Hillbillies.


Gilet – an outerwear vest. Think of a poufy vest or faux fur vest…along that line.

Home-bakes – kind of self-explanatory. But you’ll see home-bakes sale or be asked if you’d like any cakes or home-bakes at a café.

Niggle – an ache or pain, or annoyance.

Stramash – a disorderly gathering….and then became the name of a Scottish game.

Trump – Fart

Doon – how Aberdonians say “down”

Ooot – can you guess what Aberdonian pronunciation this is?


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  1. Diane

    So funny! I know absolutely 0 of those terms. Well 1, gilet, but only because it’s a French word and is a cardigan/vest type of thing. I’m having fun looking around here 😉


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