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I’ve said it complained about it probably more than anything else whilst living here, the food options in Aberdeenshire suck. (See, normally I say the UK but I know London, Edinburgh, etc has totally acceptable options.) Well, suck comparatively to what I’m used to in America. Going out, your options are limited, but what’s more annoying to be is grocery shopping. I would kill a first born for a Trader Joe’s up in here. And probably a second born for a Whole Foods- a store I rarely shopped at in America because you didn’t need to with the diversity of kick ass grocery stores. I mean, it’s great that I’ve bought and cooked with persimmon here, but I would kill for some spaghetti squash and jicama.

Anyway, this is all the more reason to get super stoked when I hear about something somewhat progressive in the food options here. Enter Troo Granola. I actually can’t figure out how I heard about it, I’ll assume it was a facebook ad. But I was intrigued because who doesn’t like Granola?! It’s fresh, homemade, handmade granola that comes straight to your door….what?! The company just started (first trial production of granola was mid-November 2015) and they seem eager to please. I’m a bit of a social media junkie (um, it pays my bills so I kind of have to be) so I love seeing a company doing right- and Troo Granola is. Granted, they only have about 150 followers (so they’re gonna need to start pushing that) but the content they’re putting out there is spot on so far.

What makes them special?

Well, I already mentioned you get fresh granola to your door. How fresh? Well they make the granola every Tuesday in small batches, and it’s sent First Class mail arriving at your door Thursday or Friday. You don’t need to sign for it and your (roughly) week’s worth of granola goes right through the letterbox. I say roughly a week’s servings because each pack is 250grams of granola, which is either 5 x 50g servings or 7 x 35g servings.



The other thing that makes Troo Granola special is you get set up a reoccurring order/subscription for it as frequently as you want. You want fresh granola every week- great. Twice a month- done. Once a month- easy. I’m not sure if it’s for better or worse but every packet cost the same: £6.99 regardless of how often you have it coming (or if you’re just ordering a one-off pack which is an option as well). You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time (which I guess makes the payment bit work out easier), but I would think there should be a price incentive if you sign up for 12 months of granola.

Super Seed Granola

Super Seed Granola

Right now there are 4 varieties: Original, Super Seed, Go Nuts, or Feeling Fruity. I got to try “Go Nuts” and have to say, it was really good. Not nearly as sweet as any store bought granola I’ve had (or probably not as sweet as the ones I make- but it’s a good thing!) and the ingredients are not only all pronounceable, but are all items I know well.IMG_2678To see how it stacks up, I compared nutritional info from Troo Granola with info from: Dorset Simply Oat Granola, Lizi’s Original Granola, Jordan’s Simply Granola, and Tesco Red Berry. There’s not a huge difference in any granola stats (I will say it looked more favorable when I was using the Super Seed nutritional info against other Granola’s Nut versions as most don’t have seed versions).


Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 3.41.36 PM

So no, this isn’t crazy healthy, but it is fresh and locally made (if you’re in the UK), and I guarantee there are no mystery ingredients (like “natural flavoring” WTF is that?!). As much as I love the idea and the product…it’s not for me. I can’t be trusted with granola showing up at my door every week. Do you know how small a 35-gram serving is? You can’t just snack on it or you’ll inhale 1,000 calories without realizing. And it’s so messy, try to grab a handful and there are little nuts and seeds and grains all in-between your sofa cushions. It’s an indulgence /craving every couple of months, but I’ll stick with making my own. But if you are tired of constantly preparing handmade batches of granola, that goes stale before it’s consumed, or trying to eat whole foods but your granola is coated in mystery oils: Troo Granola is for you!

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