6 Weeks!

I guess in lieu of an insane amount of running posts, I’ve just gone MIA. But we’re 6 WEEKS OUT from the New York City Marathon and it’s pretty much all consuming of my life. Making any sort of plan requires assessing how I think I’ll be feeling after that days run, what I can fit in that day considering the run, as well as looking at how horrendous the next day’s run will be.6c62b21759d87fd7672bcba8794db8d1

This is 6 weeks out.

6 Weeks out from the Paris Marathon I was limping so badly I could barely walk and had to take 2 solid weeks off. I’m not there! So that’s great! Since my last check in (see My Body Tells Me No) I rebounded really well after taking a few extra days off. I was able to do two really hard weeks back to back (42 and 44 miles respectively). But then I had a little flare up again and was forced to take an extra 2 days off. My coach changed my schedule around and made the rest of the week a recovery week so overall it was just 20 miles. Now, last week I had a hard week. 42 total miles, 2 speed workouts, 16 mile longest run which was less than 24 hours after a pretty grueling 8 mile speed run….that killed me.

We are now trying to stay ahead of my hip pain and after such a rough week are calling this a “recovery week”. I’m not too excited. Still 33 miles, but I got to do a 3 mile run today (ha! A 5k! I can’t remember the last time I ran ONLY 3 miles), one speed workout, and then some medium length (8-10 miles) sloooooow runs to get the miles in but hopefully not piss off my hip. After the hard week my hip wasn’t making really any noise (a 1 out of 10 pain scale) but my glute and hamstring are all knotted up in all kinds of bad ways. Hmmm I remember this (see It Hurts).

I am getting into a sports massage Friday and hoping that I don’t adopt a limp again. It’s funny that my hamstrings and ass go crazy, but then my hip feels fine. I know they are all related and that my left leg is doing crazy things subconsciously to keep my hip pain free. Come on body, just hold out, 6 more weeks! Only 3 weeks until TAPER TIME!

On top of that….I dislocated my shoulder again this week. So I’m in a fairly decent amount of pain there. A top of the physical pain, the increased miles and running obsession, the school year is back in session so I am back in Thursday night classes ( 3 ½ hours including commute) and volunteering for Riding for the Disabled (3 hours). More horse time always makes me happy, but I’m feeling the strain on my schedule. But on top of that, I’m dealing with a boat load of personal stressors and dissapointments.

But hey, we’re 6 weeks out.

screenshot-2014-06-10-19-22-09Although running and training has in some ways added to my stress and busy-ness and grumpiness, it’s also helping me a lot. In this training period there have been a handful of times where I haven’t wanted to run, but I did, and actually had a good GREAT run. And I have never been one of those people. Before, if I didn’t want to run and forced myself out, I’d trudge along and be miserable. But now, running has been like therapy to me. I’m not going to lie….I adore my Aberdeenshire running landscape, and it hasn’t been cold and I’ve actually only ran in the rain 3-4x somehow in the last 4 months….which sure helps my fondness of running! Actually, I can’t even remember even a handful of bad runs in the last 4 months…definitely remember 3-4 bad runs…but otherwise, they’ve all been so nice!

And I’m kicking everyone’s ass on fitbit! #winning

And up until last week I was eating as normal (no crazy cravings or eat-a-thons) and was weighing in a few pounds less than pre-marathon training. I can’t say that now…now I’ve hit the I’m-training-for-a-marathon-and-I-need-to-eat-EVERYTHING phase and will surely be at the normal weight for race day unless I can get a grip (doubtful).


So 6 weeks out.

And a husband that’s going to be gone for over half that amount of time. There will be blog posts…oh yes, there will be blog posts. But don’t be surprised if it get’s a little running obsessive. It’s just 6 weeks….and E is leaving me at taper time. What else can I do then but have absolute meltdowns of impending marathon doom and document everything I’m eating? Get ready y’all.



  1. david glatthorn

    Lauren, I missed the blog where you explain this is fun how?

    Of Course that is what I was asked when I got caught in a snow storm climbing Mt Katahdin .

    1. Lauren (Post author)

      See- you can’t criticize. Who knows why we do what we do voluntarily for “fun” when there’s really so much not-fun having during them….man is not a rational being.


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