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Friday Faves 4.22

Well, I was sorta hoping for another real blog post…. but it would be about my injuries and I’m hoping to know more next week and I don’t really feel like dwelling on what I am assuming is wrong with me. So instead- my Friday Faves!

    This is our first halloween together in 2005.

    This is our first halloween together in 2005.  Of course this picture is a) before digital cameras and b) framed in my house.  

    Especially my favorite Prince song, preformed with the Muppets.

  1. My new favorite breakfast. An instant packet of Quaker Apples & Cranberries porridge with a dollop of Rachel’s Organic Apples & Cinnamon Greek yogurt. Yum. And the extra protein keeps me going longer.273923011_0_640x640
  2. Reflexology. And even more so, friends that are getting trained in reflexology which results in me getting free treatments as she practices. Unfortunately it’s hasn’t healed my shoulder, hip, tailbone…but I’m sleeping better and it definitely makes me less stressed. And who doesn’t want a two-hour foot rub with some gal chat. Now I just need friends who are working on getting certified in massage, acupuncture, nail tech, and physical therapy….
  1. Ginger Beer. I consider myself a connoisseur of ginger beer and the best hand’s down is Old Jamaica.

5.  Shake Shack. I only took a snapchat so it’s disappeared into the vast Internet space never to be found again. But was able to nip down to London to see my BFF (of my entire life) while she visited her in-laws. And I had to demand some American goodness for lunch. Cheeseburger, cheese fries, and a vanilla milkshake. We did walk about 15K steps and I needed an American fix dang it!



Hmmmm….lot of foodie things today.  Probably a sign to get back on my diet.  Until next time….have a good weekend and think positive thoughts for me next week as I see doctors on Monday and Tuesday to try to get to the root of all my pain.

Friday Faves 4.15

I don’t mean to fall away from blogging ever. I really don’t. It just happens. I just get busy. I didn’t get back to Scotland and recovered until a week into January, and since then have been to 3 different countries (France, Norway, USA again). And I have to say, those trips have been my most procrastinated, lasse fair trips I have ever planned/been on. Anyway, I though it’d be good to commit a little time back to blogging. Thinking about getting at least 2 posts a week, and what better way to get a post out than with a Friday faves?!

So this week’s Friday faves:


IDShot_540x540Coconut Milk! I have documented the lack of coffee creamer in this country. And I just can’t bring myself to stocking the fridge with single or double cream to put in my coffee (though I certainly take advantage if there’s some leftover from another recipe). And if you follow me on twitter, I have a melt down about my broken heart for my American Keurig and K-cups at least once a month. So I am so happy to welcome Coconut Milk in my life. Yeah, I like almond milk but it doesn’t do much for my coffee (chai tea lattes are another story). But coconut milk not only cuts the coffee taste, but actually makes it taste like coconut! It has literally made my mornings much sweeter.

David Lloyd Aberdeen  My gym has officially reopened.  Sadly, even with a “£4 million renovation” the gym still sucks in the same ways it always has.  But it’s nice for it to be open.  They’ve been closed since before I came back from after Christmas due to the crazy flooding in Aberdeen. So here’s to committing to twice weekly Body Pump and Pilates if only my body would cooperate.

American Ovens. I don’t have one….and boy do I want one. I am so tired of trying to bake in the country for everything to either blow up, taste bitter, get stuck, or fall apart. I try something once every month or so, only for the result to be a crumbled pile of bake goods, possibly looking like literally dog poop, and me in tears.   You don’t know how good you have it American residents.

BFFS. Since I’ve moved, I’m pretty much only guaranteed to see my closest Midwest friends once a year. And my east and west coast friends….who knows. Well this year is the year of friends! I’m going to NYC twice where I’ll see my Asian, I get to see Merima (who’s a Cali-girl) when she comes over to my side of the pond, and not only will I see Heather, Megan and Tricia at Christmas time, but I’ll be welcoming Tricia into my home, meeting Megan in Northern Ireland, and seeing Heather in London. HOLLA!  Let’s hope this helps, not hinders, homesickness.i have such pretty friendslg and tric

No. 1 Magazine. Because for some reason, Scotland’s (only?) gossip/celeb magazine has a picture of me in it- whaaaaaat?!?! I find my new socialite status more than a little amusing. And to think, in Chicago after 8 years I never even was able to attend an event where a photographer was (unless volunteering).IMG_3204


Friday the 13th Faves

Did you notice I slid an informative expat blog post in there Wednesday? After being MIA for a week and a half? Whoops. It’s been a mix. A mix of being super busy and getting enraged at the UK.  Both things I’ll touch on next week…

But lets focus on the good and share some tidbits on what’s going on in my life in Scotland with my favorite bits of the last week.

SHEEP, SHEEP! They’ve moved the sheep into the field next to our house. It’s a big field so depending on where they are, I get to see sheep when I wake up. And sheep when I come home. And be super creeped out when I don’t realize they’ve moved to the bottom of the field and I take Stella out at night with a head torch on…and see 50 glowing eyes staring at me from 10 yards away.

View from the family room.

View from the family room.



American shopping!! Pre and soon to be post thanksgiving sales for me to enjoy! I still can’t order to my American hearts content (not in the 30 day window for returns yet) but Nordstrom’s always accepts returns and getting a sweater I already have in a new color is a sure bet. So stoked about a good sale on some new flats and my favorite sweater in black (pictured in red)._10979162 cn9971178

Scotland’s Weather! Still on my list of faves. I know Chicago had mid-70’s last week. But I’m loving mid-50’s and all the gorgeous leaves. When my mom was last ere I told her how fall isn’t anything remarkable here, but this year has proven me wrong. It’s not just me, a lot of ‘Donians are agreeing this is an epically beautiful fall. There are tons of leaves on the ground, but still a lot on the trees. And I guess without wind or heavy storms the leaves just had time to stay on tress and actually change colors for once. It’s gorgeous. So gorgeous, E & I ate outside in November.

IMG_2027 FullSizeRender (14) FullSizeRender (13) IMG_2016 FullSizeRender (12)FullSizeRender (18) FullSizeRender (17) FullSizeRender (16) FullSizeRender (15)

Finding my bumper! So I started taking a college course once a week that meet’s kind of far away- about a 50 minute drive, 30 miles away, into the Cairngorms National Park. My first class I wasn’t really sure where to go, I’m out in the middle of nowhere, trying to find the building…. I realized I took a wrong turn and hastily did a 3 point turn. But it was pitch black and as I pulled forward I didn’t have the clearance I thought I did and kind of hit…something? I thought maybe it was a low rock wall in a ditch…who knows. I got to my class and looked at the front of the car and thought everything looked cool. The next day at the gym my friend asks, “Lauren, what happened to your car?” Apparently, that big bang was half of the front of my car being ripped off. 4 days later we drove back to where executed the 3 point turn and there was my chunk of bumper! Took it home and popped it back on. Okay, the bottom of the car is still a little messed up, but I can live with that. As for what I hit? We can’t figure it out. There wasn’t even a mound of dirt or a rock. Chalk it up to Scottish driving.

Lastly, two songs I’m listening to on repeat. Of course Adele’s “Hello” (and kind of Lionel’s) and “All My Friends”. Not LCD Soundsystem but someone or something by the name of Snakehips with Chance the Rapper who’s from my ole’ and favorite city of Chicago.




Friday Faves 10.16

Bringing my weekly blog post count up to what it used to be! The Indian Summer has pretty much continued in Scotland. The evenings get cold and there’s frost, but every day its been sunny and warming up to the mid-50’s…which is the equivalent of mid-70’s in Chicago.

Anyway….things that made my week:

  1. THE CUBS BEAT THE CARDINALS!! Hell yeah this makes it a good week! Even if you’re not a Cubs fan…come on…every dog deserves their day! And for Ernie Banks damn it!  So happy for the Cubbies.1976965_10153533749145659_2173506493715307459_n
  2. Hilarious children’s costumes. If I had a kid, one of these would definitely be going down.  Any great costume idea is even better when used on a baby/child.halloween-costumes-for-kids-6 halloween-costumes-for-kids-7 halloween-costumes-for-kids-36
  3. My new riding crop. 3rd Anniversary gift is leather and E delivered. Good thing too because it was I was on Dixie today at the stables…worth it’s weight in gold to get some respect out of that horse.
  4. Having a fireplace in our new (very old) house (church). Even though we’ve had great weather lately, there’s a nip in the air and we got to use our fireplace. Lot more of this coming.IMG_1699
  5. This little article on “What Your Go-To Workout Says About You” – Mainly because it makes me feel like I have a split personality disorder….as I speak I have golf clubs, running shoes, gym bag, and riding hat/boots/gloves in my car. What does that say about me?

5 Friday Faves

I have at least 5 expat related blog posts started….and another 4 post ideas written down…but I just caaaaaaaaaaaaan’t. Can you hear my vocal drain all the way over there? I am just having like spring fever. Is it the gorgeous Indian summer in Scotland? Probably doesn’t help. Is it just that I have too much going on? Yeah, we’re close to lighting both ends of the candle. Or it is just that I am too excited/distracted/interested in too many things? Probably that’s the biggest thing.

I mean right now I feel my brain is thinking of and trying to figure out and plan: horses, running, chocolate, home décor, party planning, my blog, home baking, client work, horses, running, chocolate.

But I need to stay relevant peeps. And I actually pre-planned this and just never carried it out. I have a heading of “lists” which I envisioned to be short little posts containing…drum roll please….LISTS! Like top 10 things I’m missing from America, 5 veg I’m using this week, books I’m extra excited about, goals for the month…ya know. But I always had so much to say…and I still do now, I just can’t focus it. So here we go with a list.

5 Faves from This Week

  1. My momma. It’s her birthday today. I am so lucky that she could come out to visit me in Scotland twice this year! And while I haven’t recapped her last trip yet, here’s a sneak peek of some awesome pictures from it.IMG_1362 IMG_1345 IMG_1495
  2. Carol’s Cookies. For several reasons. A) Because I just gifted a small tin to my momma for said birthday. B) Because they’re my favorite client in the US. C) Because the cookies are amazing and really are still handmade every day. D) Not only are they amazing, they are huge…nearly half a pound.  What’s not to love?!  Seriously, if only they shipped to the UK. I guess my waist is happy they don’t…Cookie piles
  3. Scotland’s Indian Summer. Holy cow this week has been AMAZING with weather. This week for the first time now only did we go outside with the kids in Riding for the Disabled (RDA), which was just so great. The horses are happier, the kids are happier. I was even sweating. But I also got 3 outdoor runs in, have had to wear sunnies everyday, the sky is beautiful, the farmers’ jobs are easier, AND even my riding lesson was in the outside arena today! First time ever and even though there is all kinds of construction going on so it’s not so pretty…it was just so damn nice. And it didn’t hurt that I was on Abby (my fav horse) doing cantering pole work and getting into two-point position. Also didn’t hurt that I got several, “excellent”, “well done”, and “wonderful riding” –s thrown my way.
  4. Getting back on my Fitbit game. It’s been months since I’ve been active. My ugly Fitbit rash has cleared and I’m back in a healthy space running and working out. Watch out friends, I’m gunning for you.

    remember when I ran a marathon?

    remember when I was training for a marathon?

  5. I passed my UK Driving Test!! God, it’s been a 5-month journey and I promise a very informative (and undoubtedly funny) post to help out all future expats going on this journey or a process. And show every a glimpse of the frustrations of systems in other countries. But in the end, I PASSED! Happy girl.

    No more "L" for this girl.

    No more “L” for this girl.