I’m Lauren (lb)!  You can find me ignoring all my pregnant friends and pretending to still be in my late 20’s, questioning what I’m doing with my life, and making some pretty irresponsible decisions.  Not irresponsible like college-Lauren would be irresponsible, but irresponsible in the way that whenever I question on whether or not it would be in my best interest in the long haul to act upon my impulses, my auto-answer is, “We only live once.”  Luckily I am married to a wonderful man who not only appreciates, but loves my lust for life, fickle mind, and belief that everything will end up alright.

This is my spot where I share about becoming an expat in Scotland as a “trailing spouse”.  I hope this blog can be helpful to you in some way.

  • help  future/potential/new expats with the ins and outs, dos and don’ts of being an expat
  • encourage you to live (or at least visit) Scotland
  • laugh with (at) me in my journey
  • and maybe justify you doing something others might think extreme, or stupid, or both


I enjoy reading and writing, food and cooking, fitness, “sport”,  travel, horses and all things furry.  Since I’m a lady of leisure in Scotland, I’m taking this opportunity to try and pursue all of my interests, explore Scotland and the surrounding countries,  and document my adventures.  In the end, following E to a new country in the name of his work ends up being a pretty great excuse to have a mid-life crisis and “find” myself.